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and selfish system by which they seek to enforce
those claims, and the imaginary fears with
which they are continually alarming us, on the
score of our agriculture, from the extension of
the other branches of our national industry,
against which he protests.

That these are their principles, as a body, it
would be in vain to deny; but it would be ab-
surd to assert, that every individual among
them entertains the same opinions. There may
be many who support them though convinced
of their fallacy; and others, because they are
incapable of detecting it: and in a body con-
taining so many enlightened individuals, it
would be strange if there were not many ho-
nourable instances of such as disdain the arti-
fice of the one, as much as they despise the
ignorance of the other. It is from the influ-
ence of such that we must look for the total
extinction of a spirit, as disgraceful to the age,
as it is injurious to the community.


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