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Essays Selected by the Depart-
ment of Rhetoric and Journalism
of the University of Michigan

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In this age, when one has the wealth of the past to draw from as well as the tremendous output of presentday writers, the problem of selecting essays is not so much that of choosing the best as that of putting aside the equally good. Despite the vast amount of material to tempt the compiler, a collection of essays chosen by one man necessarily represents his personal judgment and, to a certain extent, his individual interests. Adventures in Essay Reading cannot, however, claim that element of unity. Instead, it reflects in a composite way the judgments and interests of a large staff of instructors. Each member of the Department of Rhetoric of the University of Michigan was asked to place in the hands of a committee a list of the ten essays he would select for his first-year students. Naturally the total list was long and varied. The essays most frequently mentioned were given first consideration by the committee of editors, but inability in many cases to secure the reprinting privilege from authors and owners of copyrights made it impossible to include all the favorites.

Some of the essays in this volume deal directly with matters pertaining to college life; others by their controversial character are bound to challenge thought; still others concern themselves with subjects which may throw light on classroom problems.

The dominant questions in the mind of each instructor as he made his selections were probably: Will this essay appeal to college students? Will it prompt them to read more from the same author? Will it give them a taste

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