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AGRICULTURAL Labourers' Cottages, p. 363.
Their defective character-frequently having
but a single bedroom-typhus fever in-
power of Clergymen to amend the condition
of, 363-366.

Ancient British Church-Extinction of its Suc-

cession and Independence, 98-104. [Collier's

Ecclesiastical History by Barham; Rees'

(Rev. Rice) Essay on the Welsh Saints, 98.]

Importance of an historical tone of thought,

98, 99. Estrangement to the last between

the British and the Anglican Churches-Theo-

dore's proceedings in regard to Chad-puts

an end to all derivation in the latter from the

former, 99, 100. Subsequent History of the

British Church obscure-Elvod, Bishop of

Bangor, introduces the Roman cycle for re-

gulating Easter-tide, about the middle of the

eighth century-Llandaff subjected to Canter-

bury by Dunstan-independence of St. David's

taken away by Henry I.-extinction of the

British succession, 100. Struggle to revive

the ancient independence of St. David's, 100,

101. Rapine of Bishops in Wales, and con-

sequent depression of the Church, 101-103.

Importance of advancing natives to the epi-

scopate, 103.

Ancient History, 87-97. [Wilberforce's (Archd.

Robert Isaac) Five Empires, 87.] Highest

species of history, the theological, 89. His-

tory of ancient nations known to us in pro-

portion to the part they have borne in God's

revealed design, 90. Double purpose served

by the empires of the world, after the call of

the Israelites, 91. The Roman empire-

Constantine-the Labarum, 94, 95. Ecu-

menical councils completed the work assigned

to the Roman empire, in developing the pur-

pose of God, 96, 97.

Architecture, Chapters on, No. I. 113-122.

No. II. 280-284. Revival of a catholic taste

in church architecture, 113. Burke's opinion

on proportion-importance of attending to the

relative proportions of our old churches, 113,

114. Church of Holy Trinity at Hull, 114,

115 of the Eremetani, at Padua, 117-of

Otterbourne, Hants, 117, 118. Anfield Church,

ditto, 118, 119. Littlemore, near Oxford,

119. Scofton Church, near Worksop, 120,

Axminster, Devon, 280-283. Chapel lately
built near Northampton, 283. Cofton Chapel,
Starcross, Devon, restoration of, 284.
Astronomy, Present Condition and Prospects
of, 412-432. [Nichol's (J. P.) Phenomena of
the Solar System; Nichol's Architecture of
the Heavens; Jeans' (Rev. G.) Practical

Astronomy, 412.] Mr. Jeans' Practical As-

tronomy, its usefulness, 416, 417. Sidereal

character of the astronomy of this century,

420. The firmaments, 419-422. The ne-

bulæ, 422. Lord Bacon and Mr. Whewell on

Final Causes, 423. Extinction of fixed stars,

periodical, double and triple, 424, 425. Lucid

matter, 427-430.

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