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Already has the Prussian commercial league, dictated by Russia, partially shut out our manufactures from the markets of Germany; and the occupation of the Dardanalles by Russia would entirely exclude them from the commerce of the East.

"Our India possessions," says the very intelligent author of the passages before quoted, "shall we fight for them on the Dneiper as directing the whole Mussulman nation; or shall we fight for them on the Indus, at Bagdad, or in Persia, single-handed, close to the insurrections she will raise in her rear, and when she is in possession of Turkey?"-Page 91.

Has not Russia Anapa, and thus has she not virtually destroyed the commerce of Circassia? Anapa, "the channel through which the produce of the interior reached the Black Sea, and through which the manufactures of Europe, and more especially of England, passed for this central region. "-Portfolio, No. 7, p. 374.

These Circassians are fine fellows, and still nobly struggle against the aggressions of Russia, in spite of the treachery of their pashas, and the abandonment of them by the Porte to the tender mercies of European (id est, Russian) civilisation. They are not conquered. If a diversion were made in their favour, they would soon drive back their invaders; the Georgian population, not yet subdued, would revolt against the iron dominion of Russia, and Poland again be free.

"Addam urbes Asiæ domitas pulsumque Niphaten."


Though we have not sufficient political science to understand the diplomatic machinery, with its wheel-within-wheel, of Russia, we know for what object that machinery has been constructed, and can, if we please, by a very simple method of counteraction, render it any time inefficient in its operation.




"But sunwards lo you! how it towers sheer up, a world of mountains, the diadem and centre of the mountain region! a hundred and a hundred savage peaks, in the last light of day: all glowing of gold and amethyst, like giant spirits of the wilderness; there in their silence, in their solitude, even as on the night when Noah's deluge first dried."

Sartor Resartus, page 158.

VIEW'D from the terraced walks that round me glow,
How beautiful, Mont Blanc, thy heights of snow
Bathed in rose light, reflecting from the sun
A farewell splendour when his course is run!
They, like the gates sublime of Heaven, divine
Jasper and alabaster seem to shine.

What thought the world-bemocking wit Voltaire
While gazing on the might of beauty there?
Felt not the anti-optimist that hour

The force immense of Love's all-present power
Prevailing 'mid the gorgeousness of noon,
Or when on upland smiles the yellow moon,
Or when mild eve comes on, and gentle hearts
Hold converse as the summer-day departs?

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