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ANOTHER year of our pleasant labours for our youthful readers is now closed, and the Second Volume of our Miscellany is before them. We once more dedicate it to them and Him whose cause and interests we are seeking to serve. May it be found largely acceptable to them, and be smiled upon graciously by Him!

In all essential features the work remains what it was when first projected, but in some particulars this volume may be considered in advance of the former one.

We have this year introduced more of scientific information, and by a series of questions and answers on every-day-like things, have sought to give that information in a way adapted to our readers. To the many kind friends who have either furnished questions or given answers, we now tender our best thanks, and solicit at their hands like services for the year to


A greater number of musical pieces have been given this year than last; and all, we think, will be found in their way worthy the attention of our friends. They are intended to be sung at the classes, social meetings, and other assemblings of our senior scholars and young people generally, but are in no case, excepting the first, what may be called children's melodies. They, as

our whole work, are designed for the young men and women of our congregations and schools; and we are, therefore, anxious that in every department of our labours a fitness for them should be secured.

Our best thanks are due to many kind contributors, who have greatly aided in making the work what it is, and whose help we earnestly solicit for future days.

The Committee and Editor feel grateful to God for the large measure of acceptance which their work has so far met with, and have been greatly cheered by the increased circulation it has secured through the past twelve months. TWENTY THOUSAND monthly has been no mean issue of its numbers; but they still feel that it is not as widely known as it ought to be; and that, considering the largeness of the class for which it is designed, and the fact that it is the only work of the character and price in the land, it might command for itself a much wider circulation than it has.

Most earnestly would they press this upon their friends, and ask at their hands such efforts as they can make in a coming year as shall help to extend its influence amongst ALL our rising youth.

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OF all structures ever erected in the world, there was never one that equalled, in interest and importance, "The tabernacle in the Wilderness." None could ever boast so wise and dignified an


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