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Accipe Fundatrix grati pia vota nepotis,
Æqua tuis meritis sors inimica negat.
O si! quas cupio, vires mihi fata dedissent,
Clarior elogiis Fomina nulla foret.
At tua progenies vivet, nascentur alumni,
Hi tibi plaudentes carmina digna ferent.



THE former edition of this Sermon, to which Baker says he was prompted by a sense of duty owing that excellent person described in it, having become very scarce, the present Editor was induced to reprint it partly from a similar regard to the memory of the Foundress, and partly on account of his having recently obtained the perusal of Baker's own copy of the edition of 1708, which affords materials of the greatest value for such an undertaking. That copy was kindly lent to the Editor by W. F. Beadon, Esq., it having been long in the possession of his grandfather the late Bishop of Bath and Wells, formerly Fellow of St John's College, who probably had it from Dr Newcome, Master of the College at the time of Baker's decease. In the present edition, therefore, the Reader is presented with all Baker's manuscript notes-the fruits of his researches in the long interval between the publication of the Book and his death; and from that circumstance it will derive its chief value. But it is hoped that the additions likewise will not be thought unimportant, the chief of which are, Bishop Fisher's Sermon at the funeral of

Henry the Seventh reprinted, for the first time it is believed, from the edition of 1509 by Wynkyn de Worde; a continuation to the present time of the Catalogues of Professors and Preachers, with further notices of the lives and publications of several of them; and a variety of Documents including the Foundress's Will, several of them never before published, tending to illustrate her munificent patronage of Religion and Learning, and the eminent services of Bishop Fisher as a faithful Executor and liberal Benefactor. Besides Baker's notes, a few others have been added from sources that have only become accessible since his time; and quotations from various authors have been given to illustrate or confirm the statements in the Preface, the text of which is exactly reprinted from the original edition with the exception of modernized spelling in a few instances, and such slight alterations and insertions as were made by the Author in his own copy. The text of the Sermons is an exact reprint of that of Wynkyn de Worde.

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