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Active Men, at some times of more use than virtuous, 164.
Adrian, his envy, 27.
Adversity, essay on, 15 to 17.

the blessing of the New Testament, 16.
Advice, honourable to take, 164.
Age and Youth, essay on, 142.
Agrippa, friendship of Augustus for, 89.
Affection of Parents, difference in, 21.
Affections, pleasures of, greater than the pleasures of sense, 251.
Albert Durer and Apelles, parallel between, 145.
Alchymists, the knowledge of, 253.
Alexander, instance of a conqueror becoming superstitious, 68.
Alliances, among states, expediency of, in preserving a balance of power, 64.
Ambition, essay on, 127.
America, prophecy of the discovery of, 124.
Ancients, honours paid to inventors among, 266,
Anger, essay on, 184 to 186.
Anthropomorphites, heresy of, 293.
Apelles and Albert Durer, parallel between, 145:
Apollonius, his answer to Vespasian respecting the errours of Nero, 63.
Apophthegmes, Casar a writer of, 348.

mucrones verborum,” 348.

collection of, 349.
Appius Claudius, an example of passionate love, 31.
Arms, profession of, chiefly conducive to empire, 104.

flourish most in the youth of a state, 493.
Astrology, predictions of, to be despised, 126.
Atheism, essay on, 53.

Epicurus vindicated from charge of, 54.
meditation on, 215.
what dispositions chiefly inclined to, 216.
a consequence of ignorance and folly, 217.
and superstition equally remote from religion, 218.

imperfect knowledge leads to, 263,
Augustus, death of, 7.

policy attributed to, 17.

his friendship for Agrippa, 89.
Aviaries, 160.
Beauty, essay on, 144.
Behaviour, importance of, 171.
Body and mind, consent between in deformed persons, 146.


Boldness, essay on, 37.

its importance on civil business, 38.
Books, different sorts of, how to be used, 167.

exposition of the fable of, 50.
Brutus, Cæsar's friendship for, 89.

the appearance of the phantasm to, 124.
Building, essay on, 147 to 252.

model of a perfect palace, 149.
Business, danger of affected dispatch to, 83.
Cæsar, the impolicy of his witty speech concerning Sylla, 52.

his friendship for Brutus, 89.

a collector of apophthegmes, 348.
Calore et Frigore, inquisitio legitima de, 224.
Cares, moderation of, 207.
Celsus, wise precept of, 111.
Ceremonies and respects, essay on, 171.
Charity, exaltation of, 206.

neglect of, by hypocrites, 212.

must accompany knowledge, 263.
Charles V. instance of a conqueror becoming superstitious, 63.
Charles the Hardy, his closeness in counsel, 90.
Chastity, women often presume upon the merit of, 24.
Cheerfulness at meal-time a secret of long life, 110.
Children and parents, essay on, 21.
Church and Scriptures, meditation on, 220.
Cleon's dream, 125.
Clergy (an overgrown) evil of, 49.
Closeness, a part or degree of dissimulation, 18.
Cold and heat, inquiry into the nature of, 324.
Colonies, policy of the Romans in planting, 108.

essay on planting of, 115.

an unblessed thing to form them of criminals, 116.
Colours of good and evil, 225.
Comets, 188.
Common people, policy in kings to secure the good-will of, 50.
Conference, maketh a ready man, 168.
Cosmus Duke of Florence, his saying respecting perfidious friends, 15.
Counsel, one of the four pillars of government, 47.

essay on, 68 to 78.

from a friend, better than from a man's self, 93.
Counsellor, true composition of, 71.
Crafty men contemn studies, 167.
Cunning, essay on, 75.

especially necessary to those who read little, 168.

how to be dealt with in negociating, 162.
Custom and education, essay on, 133.
Death, essay on, 6 to 8.

erroneous fear of, 6.
triumphed over by passions, 6.
approach of, does not always affect the spirits, 7.
bow received by Augustus, 7.

by Tiberius, 7.
by Vespasian, 7.
by Galba, 7.

by Severus, 7.
Stoics bestowed too much cost upon, 7.
Deformity, essay on, 146.

accompanied by en 24.
Delays, essay on, 73.

Demosthenes, his answer concerning the chief requisite for an orator, 37.
Diaries, use of, 59.
Diet, importance of, 109.

sudden change in, to be avoided, 110.
Dioclesian, instance of a conqueror becoming superstitious, 63.
Discourse, essay on, 113,

use of studies in, 167.

concerning helps for intellectual powers, 339.
Discretion of speech more than eloquence, 115.
Dispatch, essay on, 83.
Dissembling of knowledge, policy of, 114.
Dissimulation, essay on, 17 to 21.

three degrees of, 18.
when necessary, 12.
general habit of, a vice, 20.

advantages of, 20.
Divine truth, with what mind to be sought, 267.
Dreams, to be despised, 126.
Earthly hope, 208.
Education and custom, essay on, 133.
Elenches of the mind, preface to,
Empire, essay on, 62.
England, prophecy respecting the name of, 125.
Eunuchs, envious, 24.
Envy extinguished by death, 8.

essay on, 25.

who more especially subject to, 26, 27.

advantages of public envy, 30.
Epicurus vindicated from the charge of atheism, 54.
Estates and kingdoms, essay on true greatness of, 97 to 109.
Exaltation of Charity, 206.
Expence, essay on, 96.
Faber quisque fortunæ, 135.
Facility, worse than bribery, 36.
Faction, essay on, 169 to 171.
Factions, policy of sowing disunion among, 58.
Fallacies in the appearances of good and evil, 227.
Falsehood, baseness of, 5.

Montaigne's sentiment concerning, 5.
Fame, door to, opened by death, 8.

like a river, bears up things light, and drowns things weighty, 178.

fragment of, an essay on, 194.
Familiarity of manner, when allowable, 172.
Fear prepareth patience, and awakeneth industry, 209.
Filum Labyrinthi, 310.
Flattery, 173.
Flowers, praise of, 154.
Followers and friends, essay on, 162 to 164,
Folly of one, the fortune of another, 135.
Formula Inquisitiouis, 810.
Fortune, essay on, 135.

success of those who attribute much to, 208.
Fountains, praise of, 157.
Fragment of an essay on fame, 194.
Friends and followers, essay on, 162 to 164.
Friendship, essay on, 87 to 96.

mostly between superior and inferior, 164.
Frigore et Calore, inquisitio legitima de, 224.
Gain, various means of, 120, 121, 122.
Galba, his manner of meeting death, 7.

instances of the impolicy of uttering sharp speeches, 52.

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Gardens, essay on, 152 to 160.

ought to contain things in season for each month, 153.
description of, 155.
of fountains in, 157.

of aviaries, 160.
Good and evil, colours of, 225.
Goodness, and goodness of nature, essay on, 40.
Government, religion, justice, counsel, and treasure, the four pillars of, 47.

evil of power pressed too far or relaxed too much in, 63.

evil of partiality in, 164,
Great place, essay on, 33.
Greatness of kingdoms and estates, essay on, 97 to 109.
Grecians, the knowledge of, 253.
Health, essay on the regimen of, 109.
Heat and cold, inquiry into the nature of, 324.
Heathens, divisions respecting religion unknown, to, 8.
Helps for the intellectual powers, discourse concerning, 339.
Henry VII. his secrecy in business, 70.

instance of profound policy in, 102.

his suspicious nature, 112..
Heresies, meditation on, 217.
Heretics and hypocrites, distinction between, 213.
Hermogenes, an instance of the evil of over early ripeness, 144.
Histories, make men wise, 168
Honour and reputation, essay on, 177.

the advantages of, 129.
Hope, meditation on, 208.
Huinan philosophy, tracts upon, 249.
Hyperbole, comely in love, 32.
Hypocrites, meditation on, 211.

and heretics, distinction between, 213.
Idleness, banishing of, a means of preventing seditions, 49.
Idols of the mind, 293.
Ignorance begets suspicion, 112.
Impediments to knowledge, 267.

in the times and diversion of wits, 268.
variety of sects and opinions, 272.
in handling it by parts, 273.

from mistakingthe end and scope of knowledge, 277.
Impostors, meditation on, 218.
Imposture, of the several kinds of, 214.
Inferiors, a little familiarity good among, 172,
Innocency of the dove and wisdom of the serpent, 205.
Innovations, essay on, 81.
Inquisitio legitima de calore et frigore, 224.
Inquisitionis Formula, 310.
Inquisitive men commonly envious, 26.
Intellect, pleasures of, greater than pleasures of the affections, 251.
Intellectual powers, discourse touching helps to, 339.
Interpretation of nature, 256.

abridgment of certain chapters of, 294.
Inventions, preface to enumeration of, 282.
Inventors, honours paid to, by the ancients, 266.
Jest, its use in conversation, 113.
Judges, duty of, 179.
Judicature, essay on, 179 to 184.
Jupiter and Metis, exposition of the fable of, 69.
Justice, one of the four pillars of government, 47.
Kingdoms and estates, essay on true greatness of, 97 to 109.
Kings, see “ princes,”

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