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A new edition of Pike's complete system of Arithmetic, by Chester Dewey, A. A. S. Professor of Mathematics in Williams College.

Arithmetic; being a Sequel to First Lessons in Arithmetic, by Warren Colburn, A. M.


Biography of the Signers to the Declaration of Independence. By John Sanderson. 2 vols.


Greek Grammar, translated from the German of Philip Buttmann, by E. Everett, Eliot Professor of Greek Literature in Harvard University.

Friend of Youth, or new selections in prose and verse, by Noah Worcester, D. D.

A Manual of French phrases and French conversations adapted to Wanostrocht's Grammar, by N. M. Hentz.

Frank, a Sequel to Frank, in Early Lessons, by Maria Edgeworth. 2 vols.

Abstract of Ingersoll's Conversations' on English Grammar. Writing Master's Assistant, by N. D. Gould.

Beauties of Writing, by N. D. Gould.

Questions adapted to Grimshaw's History of the United States. A new Improved Dictionary for Children, by Jedidiah Kingsbury.

Fidelity and Profession: an Allegory for Young Persons.

A new Spanish Grammar, by Mariano Culi y Soler, Professor of the Spanish language in St Mary's College.

A Grammar of the Spanish language with Practical Exercises, by M. Josse, from the last Paris edition, revised, improved, and adapted to the English language, by F. Sales, Instructer of French and Spanish in Harvard University.

[This work is comprised in two parts, the first containing the Grammar, and the second the Exercises, which will be bound together in 1 vol. 12mo. price $1,50. The whole is carefully revised and much improved from the last Paris edition: and the well known ability of the respectable American

Editor is sufficient pledge for its merit.-In the article of typographical errors numerous important corrections are made, and in the adaptation of the Grammar and Exercises to the English language, a better elementary book is prepared for those, who would study the Spanish language, than has hitherto been in the possession of the public.]


A Geographical Dictionary, or Universal Gazetteer, Ancient and Modern. By Joseph E. Worcester, A. M. 2d Edit. 2 vols. [A great mass of new and important matter has been incoporated into this edition. The whole work has undergone a laborious revision, and almost all the principal articles have been written anew. The object has been to collect a complete body of geographical and statistical knowledge, and to digest it in the most concise and convenient form.] A New System of Modern Geography, or a view of the present state of the world, with an appendix containing statistical tables of the population, commerce, revenue, expenditure, and various institutions of the United States; and general views of Europe and the World, by Sidney E. Morse, A. M. Accompanied with an Atlas.

Geography for Schools; adapted to an Atlas of forty maps, by Luke Drury, A. M.

Elements of Geography, Ancient and Modern; with an Atlas. By Joseph E. Worcester, A M. 2d Edit.

Rudiments of Geography, by W. C. Woodbridge.

Morse's School Geography. 23d Edit.

Blunt's new Charts for various parts of the World.


Constitutional Law: being a collection of points arising from the Constitution and Jurisprudence of the United States which have been settled by judicial decision and practice, by Thomas Sergeant, esq.

A Treatise on the Law relative to Merchant Ships and Seamen, by Charles Abbott, with Mr Justice Story's annotations. New Edition.

An Essay on the Law of Patents, by T. G. Fessenden, Counsellor at Law. 2d Edit.

Public Laws of the State of Rhode Island, as finally enacted by the General Assembly in their session in 1822.

Laws of the State of North Carolina.

Digest of the Ordinances of the Corporation of the City of Philadelphia, by J. C. Lowber and C. S. Miller.

Trial of J. T. Buckingham, on an Indictment for a Libel, before the Municipal Court of the City of Boston. December Term, 1822.

Trial of Captain John Shaw, on charges preferred against him by Captain Hull of the United States navy.

United States Law Journal and Civilian's Magazine. No. II.


The Family Dentist, with a Plate, &c. by Joseph F. Flagg, M. D.

The Physician's Pocket Synopsis, by J. S. Bartlett, M. D. Bichat's Anatomy, translated by George Hayward, M. D. 3 vols. 8vo.

A Treatise on Materia Medica, intended as a sequel to the Pharmacopoeia of the United States, by Jacob Bigelow, M. D. Professor of Materia Medica in Harvard University.

American new Dispensatory, by James Thatcher, M. D. 4th Edit.

Treatise on the Materia Medica and Therapeutics. Vol. I. John Eberle, M. D.

Documents and Facts, showing the fatal effects of Interments in populous Cities. By T. D. Allen.


Desultory facts and observations illustrative of the present situation and future prospects of the United States, embracing a view of the causes of the late bankruptcies in Boston, by a Pennsylvanian.

A Few Notes on certain passages respecting the Law of Nations, contained in the July number of the North American Review, upon the work, entitled 'Europe, by a Citizen of the United States. By the author of that work.

Merchants and Ship Master's Assistant, by Joseph Bud.
Ladies and Gentlemen's Annual Remembrancer for 1823.
American Ladies Pocket Book, with an engraving.

Observations on Electricity, Looming, and Sounds, by Hor


Common-Place Book, on the plan recommended by John Locke, Esq.

Prospects before us; being a Fourth improved Edition of Facts and Observations on the Prospects of the United States. North Carolina Register for 1823, by the Rev. Colin M'Iver. Tables containing the Assays, Weights, and Values of the principal Gold and Siler Coins of all countries, converted into the currency of the Fed States.

The Practical American Gardener.

Polar Scenes, from the German of Mr Camp.

A new edition of Bracebridge Hall, with additions, &c. Account of the rise, progress, and present state of the Theological Seminary at Princeton.

The Sunday School, or Village Sketches.

New England Tale. 2d Edit.
New Series, No. 13.


Letters on the Internal History and Natural Resources of the State of New York, by Hibernicus.

The late Census of the United States in a pamphlet form.


Essays on Phrenology; or an Inquiry into the utility and the principles of the system of Doctors Gall and Spurzheim.

An Introduction to Chemistry, with practical Questions, by J. R. Cotting, Lecturer on Natural Philosophy, &c.


Prometheus, Part II, with other Poems, by J. G. Percival.
Traits of the Aborigines of America, a Poem.

Valdemar; or the Castle of the Cliff, by J. W. Simmons.
The Phantom Barge and other poems.

New York selection of Sacred Music, by F. D. Allen.
Bridgewater collection of Sacred Music. 10th Edit.


A collection of Essays and Tracts on various subjects in Theology, No. 1. by Jared Sparks.

A Discourse on Pastoral duty, by Henry Colman.
Unitarian Miscellany for October 1822.

Remarks on Dr Ware's answer, by Leonard Woods, D. D. The communion of All Saints stated and defended, &c. a sermon by the Rev. Isaac Allerton. 2d Edit.

Christian's Vade Mecum, by Hooper Cumming, A. M.

Doing Good in imitation of Christ, a Sermon by Ashbel Green, D. D. President of the College of New Jersey.

Gospel Advocate for September and October.

Stuart's Letters to the Rev. S. Miller, D. D. on the Eternal Generation of the Son of God.

Thougths on the Anglican and American-Anglo Churches, by John Bristed, Counsellor at Law.

Two Sermons and a Eulogy on Dr Maxcy, by Robert Henry, M. A. &c.

A Reply to sundry Letters of the Rig Rev. Dr England to the Bishop of Philadelphia, by the Rev. William Hogan.

Sincere Christian instructed in the Faith of Christ, &c. by Bishop Hay.

Lives of the Saints, by Rev. A. Butler. 12 vols. Vol I. Discourse delivered at the Funeral of Rev. Dr Osgood, by A. Holmes, D. D.

A Sermon delivered in the Centre Church, New Haven, Sept. 12, 1822, at the Ordination of Rev. W. Goodell, William Richards, and Artemas Bishop, as Evangelists and Missionaries to the Heathen, by S. Miller, D. D.


Abstract of a Journal of E. Bacon, assistant United States Agent to Africa.

A Report to the Secretary of War of the United States, on Indian Affairs, comprising a narrative of a Tour performed in the Summer of 1820, under a commission from the President of the United States, by Jedidiah Morse, D. D.

Switzerland; or a Journal of a Tour and residence in that country in 1817, 18, 19, by L. Simond, &c.

An account of an Expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains in 1819-20, by order of the Secretary of War, compiled from the notes of Maj. Long and other gentlemen of the party of Edwin James, Botanist and Geologist to the Expedition. 2 vols. 4to. Vol. of plates and maps.


Light and Shadows of Scottish Life.

Roche Blanche, or the Hunters of the Pyrenees, by Miss Porter. 12mo.

Cook's Oracle, containing receipts for plain cookery, from the 2d London Edition.

The New Monthly Magazine for August.

Pen Owen. 2 vols.

A Treatise on the Law of Principal and Agent, by W. Bailey. 2d American Edition.

Logan; a Family History, in 2 vols.

Third Volume of Henry K. White's remains, with an account of his life, by Robert Southey.

A Treatise on the Law of Arbitration, by J. S. Caldwell. 1st American Edition.

Twenty sermons: by the late Rev. H. Martyn, B. D.

Conversations on Tineralogy, by Delvalle Lowry. 1st American Edition.

Songs of Zion, being imitations of Psalms, by James Montgomery, 1st American Edition.

Murphy's Tacitus. 2d American Edition.

The works of Rev. Charles Buck, in 6 vols.

Commentary on the Book of Psalms, by Bishop Horne. 1st American Edition.

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