A Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical, and Historical of the Various Countries, Places, and Principal Natural Objects in the World: HUN

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Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1842 - Commercial geography

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Page 138 - After laying down my pen, I took several turns in a berceau, or covered walk of acacias, which commands a; prospect of the country, the lake, and the mountains. The air was temperate, the sky was serene, the silver orb of the moon was reflected from the waters, and all nature was silent.
Page 138 - It was on the day, or rather night, of the 27th of June 1787, between the hours of eleven and twelve, that I wrote the last lines of the last page, in a summer-house in my garden. After laying down my pen, I took several turns in a berceau, or covered walk of acacias, which commands a prospect of the country, the lake, and the mountains.
Page 138 - I will not dissemble the first emotions of joy on the recovery of my freedom, and, perhaps, the establishment of my fame. But my pride was soon humbled, and a sober melancholy was spread over my mind, by the idea that I had taken an everlasting leave of an old and agreeable companion, and that whatsoever might be the future date of my History, the life of the historian must be short and precarious.
Page 82 - A bloody sacrifice was offered by his mistaken votaries to the God of the christians: resistance might provoke, but neither age nor sex could mollify, their implacable rage : they indulged themselves three days in a promiscuous massacre'; and the infection of the dead bodies produced an epidemical disease. After seventy thousand Moslems had been put to the sword...
Page 95 - ... adorned and defended by a lake partly artificial, across which Leicester had constructed a stately bridge, that Elizabeth might enter the Castle by a path hitherto untrodden, instead of the usual entrance to the northward, over which he had erected a gatehouse or barbican, which still exists, and is equal in extent, and superior in architecture, to the baronial castle of many a northern chief.
Page 46 - All the penal laws of that unparalleled code of oppression, which were made after the last event, were manifestly the effects of national hatred and scorn towards a conquered people ; whom the victors delighted to trample upon, and were not at all afraid to provoke.
Page 41 - ... postulate or petition the Pope. The bishops of the province also present the names of two or three eligible persons to the Pope. The new bishop is generally chosen from among this latter number ; but the appointment virtually rests with the cardinals, who constitute the congregation de propaganda fide.
Page 44 - Ireland, are strictly applicable to those only who have regular employment. When they are out of work, which is the case in many places during three or four months of the year, the line is not so easily perceived. Then a reduction in the quantity as well as in the quality of their food takes place ; but still, though on a diminished scale, their relative local degrees of comfort or of penury are maintained nearly according to the above classification. In no extremity of privation or distress have...
Page 46 - Clarendon gave to things at the restoration, and by the total reduction of the kingdom of Ireland in 1691, the ruin of the native Irish, and in a great measure too, of the first races of the English, was completely accomplished.
Page 81 - the coast of the children of Dan went out too little for them : therefore the children of Dan went up to fight against Leshem, and took it, and smote it with the edge of the sword, and possessed it, and dwelt therein, and called Leshem, "Dan, after the name of Dan their father.

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