Letters and remains of the lord chancellor Bacon, collected by R. Stephens [ed. by J. Locker].

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Page 127 - I hope I shall not be found to have the troubled fountain of a corrupt heart, in a depraved habit of taking rewards to pervert justice ; howsoever I may be frail, and partake of the abuses of the times.
Page 129 - The next, that, after this example, it is like that judges will fly from any thing that is in the likeness of corruption (though it were at a great distance) as from a serpent...
Page 182 - Vesuvius. For I was also desirous to try an experiment or two, touching the conservation and induration of bodies. As for the experiment itself, it succeeded excellently well...
Page 182 - I knew not whether it were the stone, or some surfeit, or cold, or indeed a touch of them all three. But when I came to your lordship's house, I was not able to go back, and therefore was forced to take up my lodging here...
Page 126 - It may please Your Most Excellent Majesty, time hath been when I have brought unto you gemitum columbee from others; now I bring it from myself. I fly unto Your Majesty with the wings of a dove, which once within these seven days I thought would have carried me a higher flight. "When I enter into myself I find not the materials of such a tempest as is comen upon me. I have been, as Your Majesty knoweth best, never author of any immoderate counsel, but always desired to have things carried suavibus...
Page 153 - I, that have borne a bag, be not now in my age forced in effect to bear a wallet; nor I, that desire to live to study, may not be driven to study to live.
Page 161 - These examples confirmed me much in a resolution, whereunto I was otherwise inclined, to spend my time wholly in writing ; and to put forth that poor talent, or half talent, or what it is, that God hath given me, not as heretofore to particular exchanges, but to banks, or mounts of perpetuity, which will not break.
Page 54 - I see the image of some ancient virtue, and not any thing of these times. It is the line of my life, and not the lines of my letter, that must express my thankfulness : wherein if I fail, then God fail me, and make me as miserable as I think myself at this time happy by this reviver, through his Majesty's singular clemency, and your incomparable love and favour.
Page 125 - ... part will be the least; for I shall not, by the grace of God, trick up an innocency with cavillations, but plainly and ingenuously (as your lordships know my manner is) declare what I know or remember. Thirdly, that according to the course of justice, I may be allowed to except to the witnesses brought against me; and to move questions to your lordships for their crossexaminations ; and likewise to produce my own witnesses for the discovery of the truth.
Page 75 - I now write to give the King an account of a patent I have stayed at the seal. It is of licence to give in mortmain eight hundred pound land, though it be of tenure in chief, to Allen that was the player, for an hospital.

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