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high, and that the nearest friends that be found in religion, and like to give the Warde good education, be preferred.

Fourthly, That it be examined carefully whether the Wardes revenues confift of copyholdes for lives, which are not to be comprised in the leafe, and that there be no neglect to graunt commiffions for the fame, and that the Master take order to be certifyed of the profits of former Courts held by the Wardes ancestor, that it may be a prefident and direction for the Commiffioners.

Fifthly, That the Mafter make accompt every fix months (the state appoints one in the yeare) to his Majefty; and that when he bringeth the bill of graunts of the body for his Majesty's fignature, he bringeth a schedule of the truth of the state of every one of them, (as it hath appeared to him by information) and acquaint his Majesty both with the rates and states.

Thus much concerning the improvement of the
King's profit, which concerneth the King as
Pater familias, now as Pater Patriæ.

First for the Wardes themselves, that there be fpecial care taken in the choife of the Committee, that he be found in religion, his house and family not diffolute, no greedy perfon, no fepmother, nor the like.

Further, that there be letters written once every year to certaine principal Gentlemen of credit in every countrey, to take view not onely of the perfon of the Wardes in every county, and their education; but of their houses, woods, grounds, and eftate; and the fame to certifye that


the Committees may be held in fome awe, and that the bleffing of the poor orphanes and the pupills may come his Majesty and his children.


Secondly, for the Suitors; that there be a ftraight examination concerning the rayfing and multiplication of fees in that Court, which is much fcandalized with opinion thereof, and all exacted fees put downe.

Thirdly, for the Subjects at large; that the vexation of efcheators and feodaries be repreffed, which (upon no substantial ground of record) vex the countrey with inquifitions and other extortions: and for that purpose that there be one fet day at the end of every term appointed for examining the abuses of such inferior Officers, and that the Mafter of Wardes take special care to receive private information from Gentlemen of quality and confcience, in every shire touching the same.


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Prayfe of Knowledge.

ILENCE were the best celebration of that, which


I meane to commend, for who would not use fylence, where fylence ys not made, and what cryer canne make fylence in fuch a noyfe and tumulte of vaine and popular opinions? My prayfe fhalbe dedycated to the minde yt felfe. the minde ys the man, and the know ledge of the minde. a man is but what he knoweth. The minde yt selfe ys but an accident to knowledge; for knowledge ys a dowble of that which ys. The truth of being, and the truth of knowing, ys all one. And the pleasures of the affectyons greater than the pleasures of the fences. And are not the pleasures of the intellect greater than the pleasures of the affectyons? Is yt not a trew and only naturall pleasure, whereof there ys noe facyetie? Is yt not knowledge that doth alone cleere the minde of all perturbations? How manie things are there which wee imagine not? how manie things doe wee efteeme and valew otherwyfe than they are? This yll proportyoned estimatyon, thefe vaine imaginatyons, these be the clowds


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