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but when he groweth dangerous, or anie other befides him; I am perfuaded they will dye. What should I fpeake of the fortunes of her armies, which notwithstanding the inward peace of this nation, were never more renowned? What fhould I recount Leith and Newhaven for the honorable fkirmishes and fervices? They are noe blemish at all to the Militia of England.

In the Lowe Countries; the Lammas daie, the retraicte of Gante, the daye of Zatphen, and the profperous progreffe of this fommer: the Bravado in Portugale, and the honourable exploits in the ayde of the Frenche Kinge, befides the memorable voyages in the Indies; and lastly, the good entertaynment of the invincible Navy; which was chafed till the chafers were wearye, after infinite loffe, without taking a Cockboate, without fyring a fhepecoat, fayled on the mercyes of the winde, and the difcretion of their adventures, making a perambulation or pilgrimage about the Northern feas, and ignobling manie shores and points of land by shipwreck: and foe returned home with fkorne and difhonour, much greater than the terrour and expectation of their setting forth.

These vertewes and perfections, with foe greate felicitie, have made her the honour of her tymes, the admiration of the worlde, the fuite and afpyring of greatest Kings and Princes, who yet durft never have aspyred unto her, but as their mindes were rayfed by Love.

But why doe I forget, that wordes doe extenuate and embafe matters of foe great wayghte. Tyme is her best commender, which never brought forth such a Prince, whose imperial vertewes contend with the excellencie of

her perfon: both vertewes contend with her fortune: and both vertew and fortune contend with her fame.

Orbis amor, fama carmen, cælique pupilla:
Tu decus omne tuis, tu decus ipfa tibi!

The Proceedings of the Earle of Effex.

The pointes of forme worthy to be observed.

HE fifth of June in Trinity Term, upon Thurfday, being no Starr-Chamber Day, at the ordinary houre when the Courts fit at Westminster, were afsembled together at the Lord-Keeper's house in the Great Chamber, her Majefty's Privy-Council, inlarged and affifted for that time and caufe by the fpecial call and affociating of certaine selected perfons, viz. four Earls, two Barons, and four Judges of the law, making in the whole a Council or Court of eighteen perfons, who were attended by four of her Majesty's learned Counsel for chargeing the Earl; and two clerks of the Council, the one to read, the other as a Register, and an auditory of perfons, to the number, as I could guess, of two hundred, almost all men of quality, but of every kind or profeffion; Nobility, Court, Law, Country, City. The upper end of the table left void for the Earl's appearance, who, after the Commiffioners had fat a while, and the Auditory was quiet from the first throng to get in, and the Doors

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A Declaration

of ber MajeJy's proceeding.

fhut, presented himself and kneeled down at the bord's end, and fo continued till he was licensed to stand up.


The Names of the COMMISSSIONERS.
Lord Archbishop,

Lord Keeper, &c.

T was opened, that her Majeftie being imperial, and immediate under God, was not holden to render account of her actions to any; howbeit, because she had chofen ever to governe, as well with fatisfaction as with foveraignty; and the rather, to command down the windes of malicious and feditious rumors wherewith mens conceits maie have been toffed to and fro, she was pleased to call the World to an understanding of her princely course held towards the Earle of Essex, as well in herebefore protracting as in now proceeding.

The Earle repairing from his government into this realme in Auguft laft, contrary to her Majefty's express and moft judicial commandment, though the contempt were in that point visible, and her Majesty's mind prepared to a juft and high displeasure, in regard of that realme of Ireland fet at hazard by his former disobedience to her royal directions, yet kept that stay, as she commanded my Lord only to his chamber in court, until his allegations might by her Privy-Council be questioned and heard; which account taken, and my Lord's anfwers appearing to be of no defence, that fhadow of defence which was offered confifted of two parts, the one his owne conceit of fome likelyhood of good effects to enfue of the courfe held, the other a vehement and

over-ruling perfwafion of the Council there (though he were indeed as abfolutely freed from opinion of the Council of Ireland, as he was abfolutely tied to her Majesty's truft and inftructions.) Nevertheless her Majeftic not unwilling to admit any extenuation of his offence; and confidering the one point required advertizement out of Ireland, and the other further expectation of the event and fequel of the affaires there (and fo both points asked time and protraction;) her Majestie proceeded ftill with refervation, not to anie restraint of my Lord according to the nature and degree of his offence, but to a commitment of him, fub libera cuftodia, in the Lord Keeper's house.

After, when both partes of this difference plainly failed my Lord, yea and proved utterly adverse to him (for the Council of Ireland in plaine termes difavowed all those his proceedings, and the event made a miserable interpretation of them,) then her Majestie began to behold the offence in nature and likeness, as it was devested from any palliation or cover, and in the true proportion and magnitude thereof, importing the peril of a Kingdom; which confideration wrought in her Majestic a strange effect (if any thing which is heroical in vertue can be ftrange in her nature) for when offence was grown unmeasurably offenfive, then did grace fupera bound; and in the heat of all the ill news out of Ireland, and other advertizements thence to my Lord's difadvantage, her Majestie entred into a refolution, out of her self and her infcrutable goodness, not to overthrow my Lord's fortune irreparably, by publique and proportionable justice: Notwithstanding, inasmuch as about that

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and theatres di

Canaries were full

y not onely many Counsellors and ferhard eftate of Ireland ten unto the true cause

s might have made any Eightways the former rePetie in her moderation permencie, and bethought her felf town honour, and yet fpare the erefore taking a just and most nethefe libels, of an admonition to and as is oft accustomed; the laft Michaelmas terme was pleased, that d be made, by way of teftimonie, of Laurie Privy-Council of her Majesty's infiprovifions, and prudent directions for -ons in Ireland, wherein the Earles errors meines foe great care and chardge was fru

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-- were incidently touched..

Srs in bodies very corrupt, the medicine rather ftir

and experateth the humor than purgeth it, foe fome pulent fpirits laid hold of this proceeding in foe fingr partialitie towards my Lord, as if it had been to dvantage, and gave out that this was to condemn a man unheard, and to wound him on his back, and to eave juftice her fword, and take away her ballance, which confifted of an accufation and a defence, and such ceber editious phrases; whereupon her Majestie seeing her felfe interested in honour, which the hath ever


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