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lbs. avoirdupois weight, how many tons, cwts.,

2 In


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and qrs.?

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many grains?

5 In a table, the sides of which are ft. in., and in., how many square yards, feet, and inches?



Departmental Examination Papers, previous to the Order in Council.

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1 Accent each of the following words in two ways, and construct sentences which shall contain these words :-refuse, desert, protest, compound.

2 Correct, if necessary, the spelling of the following words, and give the reasons for your corrections :—moveable, truely, skillful, blisful, lodgement.

3 Correct, if necessary, the following, and give the reasons for your corrections :

Divide this among the two.

The man has come, him who you saw.
These books are their's, those are your's.
The captain with his men, were taken.

We laid our money upon camels, concealed in
bales of cheap goods, and travelled to the shores
of the Red Sea.

4 Distinguish between the following words and modes of expression-acquittal and acquittance, attendance and attention, beside and besides, in course and of course. 5 Put the following sentence into plainer and more modern language:" Alcidamas, the sorcerer, hath many notable arguments to prove that voluntary and extemporal far excelleth premeditated speech."

6 What historical events have influenced the composition of the English language? Name the chief writers of the reigns of Anne and George I.

7 Give the derivations of book, protect, adjacent, encamp, projectile, Dublin, Exeter.

8 Put the proper stops to the following passage and explain it:-"For a man to write well there are required three necessaries to reade the best authors observe the best speakers and much exercise of his owne style."

9 Write the following passage in prose, and parse the words in the first and second lines :


High on a throne of royal state, which far
Outshone the wealth of Ormus and of Ind,

Or where the gorgeous East with richest hand
Showers on her kings barbaric pearl and gold,
Satan exalted sat."


1 At what period, and under what circumstances, did the Saxons become masters of a large part of Britain?

2 Describe the most important of the Saxon institutions. 3 Name the sovereigns of the house of Stuart, and specify the principal events in the reign of James II.

4 Trace the causes which led to the quarrel between Charles I. and his parliament.

5 Describe the "Act of Settlement,' " and also the "Habeas Corpus Act."

6 Mention any of the principal writers upon the English constitution, and name their works.

7 Can you name any eminent foreign writers on jurisprudence, international law, or upon any of the following subjects, viz., history, science, natural history?


1 Give proofs of the earth's rotundity.

2 Name the rivers upon which the following cities and towns

are situated, Paris, &c. &c.

3 Name the chief commercial ports of Great Britain.

4 Describe the rivers which drain the eastern districts of England.

5 Mention the exports from the Mediterranean, and the countries from which they respectively come.

6 In what countries are the following cities and towns situated, and for what are they respectively noted ?-Liege, Ipswich, Hamburg, Bordeaux, Odessa, Belfast, Glasgow, and Axminster.

7 Describe the county of Middlesex in the following order :— 1. Aspect; 2. Rivers; 3. Market towns; 4. Manufactures, trade, agriculture.

8 Whence do we obtain hides, cochineal, figs, cotton, sulphur, oil and timber?

9 Describe the physical features, climate and productions of Holland, Turkey, or Denmark.

10 Name the foreign possessions and dependencies of Great Britain in Europe.


11 What are the naval stations of England, France and Russia? 12 Assign to their respective counties the following cities or towns:-Exeter, Ramsgate, Carlisle, Leeds, Dublin, Nottingham, Paisley and Winchester.

13 Name the towns in which the following manufactures, &c., are carried on in England:-Machinery, carpets, silks, nails, boots and shoes, and hosiery.

14 State what books on the foregoing subjects, or any standard works in general literature, you have read.


1 Define the following terms:-Quotient, ratio, fraction, proportion, multiple.

2 Divide 6757. 18s. 7d. by 352.

3 What sum of money will be required, per week of 7 days, to pay 8 companies, each consisting of 95 men, at 1s. 1d.

a day for each man?

4 What is the cost of 3 cwt. 3 qrs. 3 lbs. of beef, at 415 d. a lb.? 5 If gunpowder cost 47. 18s. 6d. a cwt., what is the value of 14 cwt. 2 qrs. 7 lbs.?

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6 What is the simple interest of 675l. 18s. Od. for 5 years, at 3 per cent. per annum?

7 Find by practice the value of 4 cwt. 2 qrs. 6 lbs. at 31. 5s. 6d. a cwt.

8 What ought a loaf to weigh when wheat is at 4s. a bushel,

if, when at 5s. 3d. a bushel, it weighs 2 lbs. 8 ozs.?

9 Add together of 3 guineas, of 5s. 6d., and of of 5d. 10 Required the value of 8756 of a pound sterling.

11 What decimal of 8s. 5d. is 8s. 4d.?

12 The population of a place at one period was 4,780; at another period 5,002. Required the increase per cent.

13. If a person's estate be worth 1,3847. 16s. Od. a year, and the land tax be assessed at 2s. 94d. in the pound, what is his annual net income?

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15 At what rate per cent. will 325l. 16s. 8d. amount to 374l. 6s. 01d. in 3 years at simple interest?



1 Give an account of Edward I. both before and after he ascended the throne.

2 Give a sketch of the life and writings of Wyckliffe, and give some account of the sect of which he was the founder. 3 For what reasons is it important to remember the following reigns-Egbert, Alfred, William I., Edward I., Henry VIII., Charles I., and William III. ?

4 Give an outline of the History of the English Parliament. 5 Where are the following places, and for what are they remarkable:-Archangel, Christiania, Palermo, Rhodes, Medina, Barcelona, Agra, Surinam, Montevideo, San Francisco. Preston, and Montreal?

6 Enumerate the volcanos of Europe and America, and give some account of the most remarkable eruptions of each.

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