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Competitive Examination for Junior Situations in the War Department.


1 Reduce 457. 11s. 93d. to farthings.

2 Find the number of ounces in 18 tons 9 cwt. 3 qrs. 15 lbs. 3 How many grains are there in 17 lbs. 3 oz. 7 dwts. ? 4 The breadth of a rectangular field is 26 yds. 2 ft. 8 in., and the area is one acre: find the length.

5 The side of a solid cube is 7 ft. 3 in.: find the content in solid yards, feet, and inches.

6 If the price of one ounce of gold is 37. 10s., what is the price of 14 ingots, each weighing 3 lbs. 7 oz. 14 dwts. 21 grs.? 7 If one yard of cloth cost 15s. 6 d., what will be the price of 32 yards at the same rate?

8 Find the price of 56 tons 15 cwt. 2 qrs. 21 lbs. at 247. 6s. 8d. per ton.

9 If 90s. will pay 5 men for 12 days' work, how much will pay 32 men for 24 days' work?

Explain the principle of the rule by which you proceed. What should the result be if the efficiency of the second set were half that of the first, and their day's work fivefourths as long?

10 At what rate per cent. per annum simple interest will 3007. amount to 4147. in 8 years?

11 What will be the amount of 5507. in three years at 5 per

cent. per annum compound interest?

12 Find the amount of 8757. at the end of 15 months at 4 per cent. per annum compound interest, the interest accruing quarterly.

13 Add together 1, 24, and 13; divide by 13, and subtract the result from 5.


14 Add together 13 of a shilling, 1 of half a crown, of a pound, and of a guinea. Express the result as the de

cimal of a pound.

15 Find the greatest common measure of 3042 and 3094, and reduce 38 to its lowest terms.



16 Multiply 192-336 by 73307.

17 Divide 16 by 2, and the result by 0002. What is the rule as to the place of the decimal point in multiplication and division?

18 Express 01056 and 15863 as vulgar fractions in their lowest


19 Explain any rule with which you are acquainted for determining "Equated time of payment," reckoning either simple or compound interest, and apply it to find what sum paid two years hence will be an equivalent for 1007. due one year hence, and 5007. due three years hence, the rate of interest being 5 per cent.

20 If 23 lbs. at 2s. are mixed with 27 lbs. at 3s., and the mixture is sold at 2s. 9d. per lb., what is the total gain; and what is the gain per cent. on the money laid out? 21 Extract the square root of 106929; also the square root of 803.7 to two places of decimals.

22 Explain some of the uses of logarithms. Given log. 2= 301030 and log. 3477844, find the logarithms of 5, of 15, and of 15.

23 Explain the meaning of the term local value. Have Roman numerals any local value?

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27 It is required to divide the number 34 into two parts, such that the difference between the greater and 18 shall be

to the difference between 18 and the less in the ratio of 2 to 3.

28 Sum the arithmetical progression 1 + 5 + 9 + ... to 21

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1 Give the dates of the following events, adopting the common chronology :

(a) The Deluge;

(b) The Exodus ;

The Building of Rome;

d) The Peloponnesian War;

(e) The Hegira, or Flight of Mahomet;
The Coronation of Charlemagne ;

(g) The Invention of Printing;

(h) The Revolution; and

(i) The Separation of the Crowns of Great Britain and Hanover.

2 Give the current traditions as to the life and exploits of King Alfred.

3 What was the origin of William the Conqueror? How did he obtain the crown of England?

4 Under what king were the crowns of England and Scotland united?

5 Trace the descent of the reigning sovereign from King George I.

6 Name the sovereigns who ascended the throne of England in the 17th century, giving the dates of their accession, their relationship to each other, and the places at which they respectively died.

7 What are the peculiar privileges of the House of Commons? What great changes were made by the Reform Bill?

8 Are the laws of England and Scotland in all respects identical? If not, mention points in which they differ.

9 What important constitutional questions were raised,-(1) by the illness of George III.,-(2) by the protracted trial of Warren Hastings?

10 Mention any points in which Scripture History is confirmed by classical writers.

11 It has been said, that "the only event in the history of the "human species which admits of comparison with the "propagation of Christianity is the success of Mahomet"anism." In what points does the parallel fail?

12 What were, at different times, the titles of the chief magis

trates of republican Rome? Name the first and last of

the 12 Cæsars, and the principal writers of the Augus

tan era.

13 A work has been written on "The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World; " mention any battles which you think entitled to be so termed, giving your reasons.

14 In what year was the independence of the United States acknowledged? What is their constitution? Is that of

any European state at all similar, and in what respects? 15 Between what states and at what period was Poland divided? What was its ancient form of government?

16 Name the two European states which have most recently come into existence.

17 State any particulars which you know as to the history of the Crimea. Whence arose its importance in a commercial point of view? Give the classic legend.

18 Mention any benefical changes accomplished at the commencement of the first French revolution.

19 The last hundred years being altogether excluded, what was, in your opinion, the most glorious and what was the most disgraceful era in English History? Give your reasons in detail.


1 What is meant by latitude and longitude, and from what fixed lines are they measured?

2 What other circles are used for geographical purposes, and how are their positions determined?

3 Name the principal natural products and manufactures of Great Britain, and the localities in which they are found

or carried on.

4 From what countries do we import tea, coffee, sugar, tallow, wool, palm oil?

5 Through what counties and towns does the Great Northern line of railway from London to Edinburgh pass?

6 Name the capitals of the following countries: Portugal, Kingdom of Sardinia, Norway, Bavaria, Georgia, Arabia, Thibet, Peru.

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