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Sharp's New British Gazetteer, or Topographical Dictionary of the British Islands and narrow Seas: Comprising concise Descriptions of about 60,000 Places, Seats, Natural Features, and Objects of Note, founded on the best authorities. 2 vols. 8vo. £2. 16s.

Short Whist; its Rise, Progress, and Laws: With Observations to make any one a Whist-Player. Containing also the Laws of Piquet, Cassino, Ecarté, Cribbage, Backgammon. By Major A. New Edition; with Precepts for Tyros, by Mrs. B. Fcp. 8vo. 3s.

Simpson.-Handbook of Dining; or, How to Dine, theoretically, philosophically, and historically considered: Based chiefly upon the Physiologie du Goût of Brillat-Savarin. By LEONARD FRANCIS SIMPSON, M.R.S.L. 8vo. 5s.


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Smee's Elements of ElectroMetallurgy. Third Edition, revised; with Electrotypes and numerous Woodcuts. Post 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Smith (G.)-History of Wesleyan Methodism. By GEORGE SMITH, F.A.S., Author of Sacred Annals, &c. VOL. I. Wesley and his Times; VOL. II. The Middle Age of Methodism, from

1791 to 1816. Crown 8vo. 10s. 6d. each. Smith (J.) The Voyage and Shipwreck of St. Paul: With Dissertations on the Life and Writings of St. Luke, and the Ships and Navigation of the Ancients. By JAMES SMITH, F.R.S. With Charts, Views, and Woodcuts. Crown Svo. 8s. 6d.

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1. A LIBRARY EDITION (the Fourth), in 3 vols. 8vo. with Portrait, 363.

2. Complete in ONE VOLUME, with Portrait and Vignette. Square crown, 8vo. 218. cloth; or 30s. bound in calf.

3. Another NEW EDITION, in 3 vols. fcp. 8vo. 21s.

4. The People's Edition, in 2 vols. crown 8vo. price 8s. cloth.

The Rev. Sydney Smith's Elementary Sketches of Moral Philosophy, delivered at the Royal Institution in the Years 1804 to 1806. Fcp. 8vo. 7s.

Snow. -Two Years' Cruise off Tierra del Fuego, the Falkland Islands, Patagonia, and in the River Plate: A Narrative of Life in the Southern Seas. By W. PARKER SNOW, late Commander of the Mission Yacht Allen Gardiner. With Charts and Illustrations. 2 vols. post 8vo. 24s.

Robert Southey's Complete Poetical Works; containing all the Author's last Introductions and Notes. The Library Edition, complete in One Volume, with Portraits and Vignette. Medium 8vo. 21s. cloth; 42s. bound in morocco. Also, the First collected Edition, in 10 vols. fcp. 8vo. with Portrait and 19 Vignettes, price 35s.

Southey's Doctor, complete in

One Volume. Edited by the Rev. J. W. WARTER, B.D. With Portrait, Vignette, Bust, and coloured Plate. Square crown 8vo. 21s.

Southey's Life of Wesley; and Rise and Progress of Methodism. Fourth Edition, edited by Rev. C. C. SOUTHEY, M.A. 2 vols. crown 8vo. 12s.

Spencer.-Essays, Scientific, Political, and Speculative. By HERBERT SPENCER, Author of Social Statics. Reprinted chiefly from Quarterly Reviews. 8vo. 12s. cloth.

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Psychology. By HERBERT SPENCER, Author of Social Statics. 8vo. 16s.

A Memoir of the Rev. Sydney Stephen.-Lectures on the His

Smith. By his Daughter, LADY HOLLAND. With a Selection from his Letters, edited by Mrs. AUSTIN. New Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. 288.

tory of France. By the Right Hon. Sir JAMES STEPHEN, K.C.B., LL.D. Third Edition. 2 vols. 8vo. 24s.

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Bishop Thirlwall's History of
Greece. Library Edition; with Maps.
8 vols. 8vo. £3.-An Edition in 8 vols.
fcp. 8vo. with Vignette Titles, 28s.
Thomson's Seasons. Edited by
BOLTON CORNEY, Esq. Illustrated
with 77 fine Wood Engravings from
Designs by Members of the Etching
Club. Square crown 8vo. 21s. cloth;
or 36s. bound in morocco.

Thomson (the Rev. Dr.)-An
Outline of the necessary Laws of
Thought: A Treatise on Pure and Ap-
plied Logic. By WILLIAM THOMSON,
D.D. New Edition. Fcp. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Thomson's Tables of Interest, at Three, Four, Four-and-a-Half, and Five per Cent., from One Pound to Ten Thousand, and from 1 to 365 Days, in a regular progression of single Days; with Interest at all the above Rates, from One to Twelve Months, and from One to Ten Years. Also, numerous other Tables of Exchange, Time, and Discounts. The Seventeenth Edition, thoroughly revised and stereotyped. 12mo. 3s. 6d.

The Thumb Bible; or, Verbum Sempiternum. By J. TAYLOR. Being an Epitome of the Old and New Testaments in English Verse. Reprinted from the Edition of 1693. 64mo. 1s. 6d.

Todd (Dr.)-The Cyclopædia of Anatomy and Physiology. Edited by ROBERT B. TODD, M.D., F.R.S., &., Physician to King's College Hospital; late Professor of General and Morbid Anatomy in King's College, London. Now complete in 5 vols. 8vo. pp. 5,350, illustrated with 2,853 Woodcuts, price £6. 6s, cloth.

Taylor.-Loyola:_ and Jesuitism Tooke.-History of Prices, and

in its Rudiments. By ISAAC TAYLOR. Post Svo. Medallion, 10s. 6d.

Taylor.-Wesley and Method

ism. By ISAAC TAYLOR. Post 8vo. Portrait, 10s. 6d.

Tennent.-Ceylon: An Account

of the State of the Circulation, during the Nine Years from 1848 to 1856 inclusive. Forming Vols. V. and VI. of Tooke's History of Prices; and comprising a copious Index to the whole work. By THOMAS TOOKE, F.R.S. and WILLIAM NEWMARCH. 2 vols. 8vo. 52s. 6d.

of the Island, Physical, Historical, and Trevelyan (Sir C.) - Original Topographical: with Copious Notices of its Natural History, Antiquities, and Productions. Illustrated by 7 Maps, 17 Plans and Charts, and 101 Engrav ings on Wood. By Sir J. EMERSON TENNENT, K.C.S., LL.D., &c. 2 vols. 8vo. price 50s.

Papers illustrating the History of the Application of the Roman Alphabet to the Languages of India. Edited by MONIER WILLIAMS, M.A., late Professor of Sanskrit in the East-India College, Haileybury. 8vo. with Map, price 12s.

The Traveller's Library: A Col- Trollope.-The Warden, a Novel.

lection of original Works well adapted for Travellers and Emigrants, for School-room Libraries, the Libraries of Mechanics' Institutions, Young Men's Libraries, the Libraries of Ships, and similar purposes. The separate volumes are suited for School Prizes, Presents to Young People, and for

general instruction and entertainment.

The Series comprises fourteen of the most popular of Lord Macaulay's Essays, and his Speeches on Parliamentary Reform. The department of Travels contains some account of eight of the principal countries of Europe, as well as travels in four districts of Africa, in four of America, and in three of Asia. Madame Pfeiffer's First Journey round the World is included; and a general account of the Australian Colonies. In Biography and History will be found Lord Macaulay's Biographical Sketches of Warren Hastings, Clive, Pitt, Walpole, Bacon, and others; besides Memoirs of Wellington, Turenne, F. Arago, &c.; an Essay on the Life and Genius of Thomas Fuller, with Selections from his Writings, by Mr. Henry Rogers; and a history of the Leipsic Campaign, by Mr. Gleig,-which is the only separate account of this remarkable campaign. Works of Fiction did not come within the plan of the TRAVELLER'S LIBRARY; but the Confessions of a Working Man, by Souvestre, which is indeed a fiction founded on fact, has been included, and has been read with unusual interest by many of the working classes, for whose use it is especially recommended. Dumas's story of the Maitred'Armes, though in form a work of fiction, gives a striking picture of an episode in the history of Russia. Amongst the works on Science and Natural Philosophy, a general view of Creation is embodied in Dr. Kemp's Natural History of Creation; and in his Indications of Instinct remarkable facts in natural history are collected. Dr. Wilson has contributed a popular account of the Electric Telegraph. In the volumes on the Coal-Fields, and on the Tin and other Mining Districts of Cornwall, is given an account of the mineral wealth of England, the habits and manners of the miners, and the scenery of the surrounding country. It only remains to add, that among the Miscellaneous Works are a Selection of the best Writings of the Rev. Sydney Smith; Lord Carlisle's Lectures and Addresses; an account of Mormonism, by the Rev. W. J. Conybeare; an exposition of Railway management and mismanagement by Mr. Herbert Spencer; an account of the Origin and Practice of Printing, by Mr. Stark; and an account of London, by Mr. M'Culloch.-To be had, in complete Sets only, at £5. 5s. per Set, bound in cloth and lettered.

The Traveller's Library may also be had as originally issued in 102 parts, 1s. each, forming 50 vols. 2s. 6d. each; or any separate parts or volumes.

By ANTHONY TROLLOPE. New and cheaper Edition. Crown 8vo.3s. 6d.

Trollope's Barchester


a Sequel to The Warden. New and cheaper Edition, complete in One Volume. Crown 8vo. 5s.

Sharon Turner's History of the Anglo-Saxons, from the Earliest Period to the Norman Conquest. 3 vols. 36s. Dr. Turton's Manual of the Land and Fresh-Water Shells of Great Britain: With Figures of each of the kinds. New Edition, with Additions by Dr. J. E. GRAY, F.R.S., &c., Keeper of the Zoological Collection in the British Museum. Crown 8vo. with 12 coloured Plates, price 15s, cloth. Dr. Ure's Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines: Containing a clear Exposition of their Principles and Practice. New Edition, chiefly rewritten and greatly enlarged; with nearly 2,000 Woodcuts. Edited by ROBERT HUNT, F.R.S., F.S.S., Keeper of Mining Records. In course of publication in 14 Parts, price 5s. each, forming 3 vols. 8vo.

Uwins. Memoir and Correspondence of THOMAS UWINS, R.A., late keeper of the Royal Galleries and of the National Gallery, &c. Edited by Mrs. UWINS. 2 vols. post 8vo. 18s.

Van der Hoeven's Handbook of Zoology. Translated by the Rev. WILLIAM CLARK, M.D., F.R.S., Professor of Anatomy in the University of Cambridge. 2 vols. 8vo. with 24 Plates of Figures, price 60s. cloth; or separately, VOL. I. Invertebrata, 30s., and VOL. II. Vertebrata, 30s.

Vehse.-Memoirs of the Court,

Aristocracy, and Diplomacy of Austria. By Dr. E. VEHSE. Translated from the German by FRANZ DEMMLER. 2 vols. post 8vo. 21s.

Von Tempsky.-Mitla; or, Incidents and Personal Adventures on a Journey in Mexico, Guatemala, and Salvador in the Years 1853 to 1855. By G. F. VON TEMPSKY. With numerous Illustrations. 8vo. 18s.

Wade.England's Greatness: Its Rise and Progress in Government, Laws, Religion, and Social Life; Agriculture, Commerce, and Manufactures; Science, Literature and Arts, from the Earliest Period to the Peace of Paris. By JOHN WADE, Author of the Cabinet Lawyer, &c. Post 8vo. 10s. 6d.



Wanderings in the Land of Ham. By a DAUGHTER of JAPHET. Post 8vo. 8s. 6d.

Waterton.-Essays on Natural History, chiefly Ornithology. By C. WATERTON, Esq. With the Autobiography of the Author, and Views of Walton Hall. 2 vols. fcp. 8vo. 5s. each.

Waterton's Essays on Natural History. THIRD SERIES; with a Continuation of the Autobiography, and a Portrait of the Author. Fcp. 8vo. 6s.

Watson. Cybele Britannica; or, British Plants and their Geographical Relations. By HEWETT COTTRELL WATSON. 4 vols. 8vo. 428. cloth; or each vol. separately, price 10s. 6d.

Webb. O Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes. By the Rev. T. W. WEBB, M.A., F.R.A.S., Incumbent of Hardwick, Herefordshire. With Woodcuts, and Map of the Moon 12 inches in diameter engraved on Steel, 16mo. 7s.

Webster and Parkes's Encyclo

pædia of Domestic Economy; comprising such subjects as are most imHousemediately connected with

Wilmot's Abridgment of Black

stone's Commentaries on the Laws of England, in a series of Letters from a Father to his Daughter. 12mo. 6s. 6d.

Wilson's Bryologia Britannica:

Containing the Mosses of Great Britain and Ireland systematically arranged and described according to the Method of Bruch and Schimper; with 61 illustrative Plates. Being a New Edition, enlarged and altered, of the Muscologia Britannica of Messrs. Hooker and Taylor. 8vo. 42s.; or, with the Plates coloured, price £4. 48.

Yonge.-A New English-Greek Lexicon: Containing all the Greek Words used by Writers of good authority. By C. D. YONGE, B.A. Second Edition, revised. Post 4to. 21s.

Yonge's New Latin Gradus : Containing Every Word used by the Poets of good authority. For the use of Eton, Westminster, Winchester, Harrow, and Rugby Schools; King's College, London; and Marlborough College. Sixth Edition. Post 8vo. 9s.; or, with APPENDIX of Epithets, 12s.

keeping: viz. The Construction of Do-Youatt's Work on the Horse:

mesticEdifices, with the Modes of Warming, Ventilating, and Lighting themA description of the various Articles of Furniture, with the Nature of their Materials-Duties of Servants- &c. With nearly 1,000 Woodcuts. 8vo. 50s.

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With a Treatise on Draught. New Edition, revised and enlarged by E. N. GABRIEL, M.R.C.S., C.V.S., Secretary to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. With numerous Woodcut Illustrations, chiefly from designs by W. Harvey. 8vo. price 10s. 6d. cloth.

Youatt.-The Dog. By William Youatt. A New Edition; with numerous Engravings, from Designs by W. Harvey. 8vo. 6s.

Young. The Christ of History: An Argument grounded in the Facts of His Life on Earth. By JOHN YOUNG, LL.D. Second Edition. Post 8vo.7s. 6d.

Young-The Mystery; or, Evil and God. By JOHN YOUNG, LL.D. Post 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Zumpt's Grammar of the Latin

Language. Translated and adapted for the use of English Students by Dr. L. SCHMITZ, F.R.S.E.: With numerous Additions and Corrections by the Author and Translator. 8vo. 14s.

[September 1859.



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