Indian Biography: Or, An Historical Account of Those Individuals who Have Been Distinguished Among the North American Natives as Orators, Warriors, Statemen, and Other Remarkable Characters, Volume 1

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Page 20 - ... and a rattle in his hand. With most strange gestures and passions he began his invocation, and environed the fire with a circle of meale; which done, three more such like devils came rushing in with the like antique tricks...
Page 25 - Captain Newport, it is not agreeable to my greatness, in this peddling manner to trade for trifles. And I esteem you also a great werowance. Therefore lay me down all your commodities together. What I like I will take, and in recompense give you what I think fitting their value.
Page 11 - Savages up a little bayed creeke, towards Onawmanient, where all the woods were layd with ambuscado's to the number of three or foure thousand Salvages, so strangely paynted, grimed and disguised, shouting, yelling and crying as so many spirits from hell could not have shewed more terrible.
Page 72 - Majesty's life; and however this might be presented you from a more worthy pen, it cannot from a more honest...
Page 17 - King stood in the middest guarded, as before is said, and after three dances they all departed. Smith they conducted to a long house, where...
Page 16 - Nations, varietie of complexions, and how we were to them Antipodes, and many other such like matters, they all stood as amazed with admiration.
Page 189 - These things being duly weighed and considered, the commissioners apparently see that Vncus cannot be safe while Myantenomo lives; but that, either by secret treachery or open force, his life will be still in danger. Wherefore they think he may justly put such a false and bloodthirsty enemy to death; but in his own jurisdiction, not in the English plantations. And advising that, in the manner of his death, all mercy and...
Page 309 - answered one of the chieftains, ' let them come. We are ready for them. — But as for you, — Brother Williams, — you are a good man, — you have been kind to us many years, — not a hair of your head shall be touched.
Page 190 - Uncas' men, who marched behind Miantonimoh, split his head with a hatchet, killing him at a single stroke. He was probably unacquainted with his fate, and knew not by what means he fell. Uncas cut out a large piece of his shoulder, and ate it in savage triumph. He said, ' it was the sweetest meat he ever ate, it made his heart strong.
Page 190 - Vncus for this execution, upon notice and request the English promise to assist and protect him, as far as they may, against such violence.

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