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Spirit of Man

An Anthology in English & French
From the Philosophers & Poets
made by the Poet Laureate in

& dedicated by gracious permission
to His Majesty
The King

Longmans Green & Co, London)
NewYork, Bombay Calcutta&Madras

First published January 1916 Second Impression February 1916 Third Impression March 1916




3851 S

HIS book was compiled with a special purpose,

and if it should not satisfy those for whom it was intended, no preface can save it; but that does not forbid some words of explanation.

First then, the reader is invited to bathe rather than to fish in these waters: that is to say, the several pieces are to be read in context; and it is for this reason that no titles nor names of authors are inserted in the text, because they would distract the attention and lead away the thought and even overrule consideration. Yet, although there is a sequence of context, there is no logical argument: the demonstration is of various moods of mind, which are allowed free play, a sufficient guide to them being provided in the page-headings. As for the sequence chosen, that might no doubt have been other than it is without damage nd perhaps with advantage; but, as will readily be perceived, the main implication is essential, namely that spirituality is the basis and foundation of human life-in so far as our life is a worthy subject for ideal philosophy and pure aesthetic --rather than the apex or final attainment of it. It must underlie everything. To put it briefly, man is


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