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Situation of the French Nation and Government, and Views of the Directory.
-Difficulties to be encountered by France at the Clofe of 1795.-State of
Parties in England.-Temper of the British Nation.-Assemblies for the
Purpose of a Parliamentary Reform, and Peace with France. A great and
dangerous Scarcity of Provifions.-Meeting of Parliament.-Infults and
Outrages of an immenfe Mob against the King, on his Way to the House of
Lords.-The regret of all People of Senfe at this Treatment of the King.—
Speech from the Throne.-Debates thereon.-In the Houfe of Commons.-
And in that of the Lords


A Proclamation offering a large pecuniary Reward for the Discovery of any
Perfons guilty of the recent Outrages against the Perfon of the King.
Conference between the Lords and Commons on this Subject.-A Bill for the
Safety and Prefervation of the King's Perfon and Government.-Debates
thereon in both Houses of Parliament.-A Bill for the Prevention of Sedi-
tious Meetings-Debates thereon.-The two Bills under Discussion in Par-
liament occafion a general Alarm, and much Oppofition without Doors.-
In this Oppofition the lead was taken by the Whig-Club.-Which was fol-
lowed by the Correfponding Societies and other Affociations.-As well as
different Bodies legally incorporated.—The Miniftry fill perfevere in their

Meafures.-Debates on the numerous Petitions against the two Bills now

pending in Parliament.-General Indignation against the Principles and

Objects of thefe. The two Bills paffed into Laws


twenty-eight Millions flerling.-Debates concerning the Terms of the Loan,
-Vote approving the Conduct of the Minister on this Subject.-New
Taxes.-Debates thereon.-Meffage from the King, intimating his Dif
pofition to enter into a Negociation with the present Government of France,
-An Addrefs moved, expreffing the Readiness of the Houfe to concur in

fuch a Measure.-Amendment thereon, moved by Mr. Sheridan.-This

rejected, and the Addrefs carried.-Motion for Peace, by Mr. Grey.—




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Address of the Directory to the French Armies.-Determination to carry the
War into Italy.-Difficulties to be encountered in carrying this Plan into
Execution,-Buonaparte.-The French Army, under his Command, makes



rapid Progress in Italy.-The Auftrians, under General Beaulieu, con
fantly repulfed, yet not difpirited.-Various Actions.-Sufpenfion of
Arms agreed on between the French and Piedmontefe Armies.-General
Beaulieu re-croffes the Po, for covering the Countries to the North of that
River. At Paris, Negociation for Peace between the King of Sardinia
and the French Republic.-Treaty of Peace between France and Sardinia
ratified by the Legislative Bodies of France.-Exultation and Confidence of
the French.-Improved by Buonaparte, for the Purpose of leading on the
Army to farther Exploits.Addrefs to the Army-General Object and
Tendency of Buonaparte's private Converfation.-Homage paid to the Merit
of Buonaparte and the Army, by the Directory.Buonaparte puts his
Army in Motion.-Croffes the Po, and leaves General Beaulieu to break
up his Camp.-Armistice between the French Army and the Duke of Parma.
-The French advance toward the Capital of Lombardy.—Battle of Lodi.-

The Auftrians retreat to Mantua.-The French proceed to Milan, where

the French General allows his People fome Days of Repofe


Exultation of the French at the Successes of their Armies.-Their Army in

Italy animated by the Praifes of their Countrymen, and the Converfation

as well as the Proclamations of Buonaparte to a high Paffion for Glory.—

Enter the Duchy of Modena.-Spoliation of Monuments of Antiquity and

Art.-Abhorrence of the Italian Nobility and Clergy towards the French

greater than that of the inferior Claffes.-A general Infurrection, ready to

break out, quafhed by the Figilance and Promptitude of Buonaparte.-The

Auftrians, under General Beaulieu, with the Connivance of the Venetians,

take Poffeffion of Peschiera.-Buonaparte advances against Beaulieu, who

retreats to the Tyrolere.-The Venetians tremble before the French.-Dif

mifs from their Territories the Brother of the late King and Claimant of the

Crown of France.-Buonaparte takes Poffeffion of Verona.-Blockades

Mantua. Prepares to march into the Tyrolefe.-Detained by Infurrections

in the Difirias, known under the Name of Imperial Fiefs.-Thefe being

fuppreffed, he carries his Arms to the Southward.--Reduces Tortona, Bo-

logna, and Urbino.-Menaces Rome.—Armistice between the Pope and

Buonaparte.-Sufpenfion of Hoftilities with Naples.—Buonaparte the Friend

and Patron of Men of Learning and Science.-Ambitious Views of the

French Republic.-Infurrection in Lugo.-Quelled, and the City reduced by

the French.-The Blockade of Mantua converted into a clofe Siege.-Raised

by Marshal Wurmfer.-Actions between the French Army and that of the

Auftrians, reinforced by Detachments from Mantua.--Remarkable Infiance

of Prefence of Mind in Buonaparte.-The Auftrians driven back beyond the


Italian Mobs excited against the French.-Suppressed by a Terror of the
.ctorious French. Marthal Wurmfer, pursued by Buonaparte, retreats

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Campaign in Germany.-Oppofile Designs of the French and Auftrians.—
Succeffes of the French.-They invest Ehrenbritfiein.-Driven back, by the
Archduke Charles, to Duffeldorf.—The Divifion of the French Army under
Moreau takes Poft at Straßburg.―The Plan of Operations propofed by this
General.—Croffes the Rhine.-Reduces the Fortress of Kehl.-Defeats the
Auftrians, under Marthal Wurmfer, near Philipfburg.—And in various
and fucceffive Engagements.-The Auftrians retire, in order to wait for
Reinforcements, into the Interior of Germany.—Junction of the French
Troops under Jourdan and Kleber.-Thefe united reduce Frankfort.-
Succeffes of Morcau in Swabia,--Cessation of Hoftilities between the French
and the Princes of Wirtemberg and Baden.-Conduct of Prufia.-A Prussian
Army takes Poffeffion of Nuremberg.-Impolicy of the French in the Mode
of raifing Contributions.-Caufe of this.-Depredations of the French in
Germany.-Operations of the French Armies under Moreau and Jourdan.—
Difafters of the Auftrians.-The Emperor reprefents the Situation of
Germany, and his own Situation, in an Appeal to his Bohemian and Hunga-
rian Subjects.-Diet of the Empire.-Partakes of the general Confternation

of Germany.-Determination to open a Negociation for Peace with France.

-The Tide of Succefs turned against the French by the Germans, under the

Archduke Charles.-Obftinate Engagements.-Masterly Retreat of the

French Armies.-Particularly of that under Moreau,-Confequences.—

The Auftrians occupied in the Siege of Kehl.—Sally of the Garrison there.

-Various Actions.—Armiflice between the French and Aufirians.—

The Diet of the Empire re-animated by the enterprizing Spirit and Succefs

of the Archduke Charles, folicitous to regain the Favour of the Imperial


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