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to the empire, were there not that mortal enmity between those two nations as could not agree in one subjection.

Straight upon his election he married the Infant of Poland, somewhat in years and crooked, only to content the Pollacks, but never companied with her. He doth tolerate there all religions, himself heareth the mass, but is not thought to be a papist: he had a great part of his education in Turkey, after served the last emperor.

Frederick the Second, of forty-eight years, King of Denmark and Norway; his wife Sophia, daughter to Ulricke, Duke of Mechelebourg, by whom he hath six children, four daughters and two sons, Christianus and Ulricus, the eldest of five years

of age.

The chiefest about him, Nicolas Cose his chancellor, in whose counsel he doth much repose.

He hath always eight hundred horse about his court, to whom he giveth ten dollars the month.

His father deceased in the year 1559, after which he had wars ten years space with the Swede, which gave him occasion to arm by sea. His navy is six great ships of one thousand five hundred ton, and fifteen smaller, ten gallies which sail to pass the Straits.

His revenues grow chiefly in customs, and such ́ living as were in the hands of the abbeys, and bishops, whereby he is greatly enriched: his chief haven is Copenhagen, where always his navy lieth.

His brother John, Duke of Holst in Jutland,

married to the daughter of the Duke of Inferior Saxony.

Magnus, his other brother, Bishop of Courland, married the daughter of the Muscovite's brother.

The chiefest wars that the King of Denmark hath is with Sweden, with whom now he hath peace. The Duke of Holst is uncle to the king now reigning; they make often alliances with Scotland.

John, King of Sweden, son of Gustavus.

This Gustavus had four sons, Erick, John, Magnus, Charles.

Erick married a soldier's daughter, by whom he had divers children, and died in prison.

John, now king, married the sister of Sigismond, late King of Poland.

Magnus bestraught of his wits.

Charles married a daughter of the Palsgrave.

Five daughters of Gustavus.

Katherine married to the Earl of East-Friseland.

Anne to one of the Palsgraves.

Cicilia to the Marquis of Baden.

Sophia to the Duke of Inferior Saxony.
Elizabeth to the Duke of Mecleburg.

This prince is of no great force nor wealth, but of late both increased his navigation by reason of the wars between him and the Dane, the which, the wars ceasing, they hardly maintain.

The Muscovite Emperor of Russia, John Basil, of threescore years of age, in league and amity with no prince; always at wars with the Tartarians, and now with the Pollake.

He is advised by no council,' but governeth altogether like a tyrant. He hath one son of thirty years of age. Not long sithence this prince deposed himself, and set in his place a Tartar, whom he removed again. Of late sent an ambassador to Rome, giving some hope to submit himself to that see. Their religion is nearest the Greek church, full of superstition and idolatry.


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