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In this Index each Extract will be found under the name of the respective author, where known. The title of the subject, or the name of the author, in SMALL CAPITALS, indicates that the Extract forms a distinct "Half-Hour," or occasionally more than one. When the leading word is In common type, the notice is a short extract under some general head.

ADDISON, Joseph, Notice of, i. 38; Sir Roger de Cover-
ley, I., i. 38; II., i. 127; III., i. 217; IV., i. 303; the
Mountain of Miseries, a Dream, ii. 19.
Anacreon, i. 247.

ANONYMOUS: The Old and Young Courtier, i. 176; the Nut-brown Maid, i. 299; the Insect of a Day, i. 208; Character of Napoleon, 1.275; Sisters of Charity, ii. 25 the Merry Devil of Edmonton, ii. 61; the Slide of Alpnach. ii. 174; It will never do to be Idle, ii. 126; Deposition of King Richard II., ii. 169; My Maiden Brief, ii 265; Shipwreck of the Medusa, iii. 153; the Heir of Linne, iii. 193; On the Athenian Orators, iii. 211; A little Geste of Robin Hood, iii. 250; Some account of the Great Law-suit between the Parishes of St. Dennis and St. George-in-the-Water, iv. 29. Anonymous (Short Extracts) i. 106; Gentle Herdsman, i. 133; Sir Patrick Spencer, i. 134; ii. 56; Britons, Strike Home, iii. 147; iv. 242.

Another Year, iv. 268.

ANSON, Lord, Notice of, iv. 49; Mortality at Sea, iv. 49. APOPHTHEGMS. Remarks on, i. 31; I., i. 31; II., i. 145; III., i. 211; IV., ii. 109; V., ii. 237; VI., ii. 267. ARBUTHNOT, John, Notice of, . 145; Martinus Scriblerus, ii. 145.

Arne, Britain's best Bulwarks are her Wooden Walls, iii. 146.

ARNOLD, Dr., Notice of, i. 83; Classical Education, i. 84. ARNOTT, Dr., Notice of, i. 44; the Barometer, i. 44. ASCHAM, Roger, Notice of, ii. 17; Preface to the Schoolmaster, ii. 17.

Aubrey, John; Henry Martin, i. 33; Civil War, i. 33; the Inventor of the Stocking-frame, i. 34; Days before Books, i. 145: Keep to your Calling, i. 146; Tobacco, i. 148; Dr. Kettle, i. 212; Sir Thomas More, in 109; Sir Miles Fleetwood, Recorder of London, ii. 110. AUDUBON, John James, Notice of, iii. 232; the Hurricane, iii. 232.

AUSTEN, Jane, Notice of, i. 103; the Voluble Lady, i. 104.

AUTUMN, iii., 32.

Ayton, Richard, iii. 222; iii. 223.

BACON, Francis Lord, Notice of, i. 49; the History of
Perkin Warbeck, i. 49; of Great Place i. 256; Know-
ledge, iv 243; Errors in Learning, iv. 265.
Bacon, Illustrious Prisoners, i. 32; Saint Bartholomew,
1.34 Merciful Law, i. 35: Parliamentary Dispatch. i.
35; the Safest Lenders, i. 147: Danger, í. 147; Ambi-
tion, i. 148; Idle Fears, ii. 111; Augustus Cæsar, .

Baillie, Joanna, Notice of, i. 178; De Montford, i, 178; ii. 140.

BALLADS, i. 133.

BANCROFT, George, Notice of, iii. 16; John Locke and William Penn, iii. 16.

Barbauld, Mrs., ii. 249.

Barnard, Lady Anne. Auld Robin Gray, i. 134.
BARROW, Isaac, Notice of, i. 283; the Industry of a
Gentleman, i. 283.

BASSOMPIERRE, Francois, Notice of, ii. 201; Origin of
Duelling, ii. 201.

BATES, William, Notice of, ii. 165; Examples of Spiritual Perfection, ii. 165.

BAXTER, Richard, Notice of, ti. 69; Dying Thoughts, ii. 69.

BEATTIE, James, Notice of, iv. 85; Scottish Music, iv.


[blocks in formation]

BOCCACCIO, Notice of, ii. 121; Griselda, ii. 121; the Plague of Florence, iv. 114.

BOLINGBROKE, Lord, Notice of, iv. 5; Reflections upon Exile, iv. 5.

BOSWELL, James, Notice of, iv. 41; Dr. Johnson's
Dinner Talk, iv. 41.

Boswell James, Desire of Knowledge, i. 31; the First
Hug of the Bear, ii. 109; Johnson, ii. 109; Voltaire,
and Johnson, ii. 238; Levelling, ii. 267.
BRATHWAYTE. Richard, Notice of, iv. 191; the New
Dress, iv. 191.

BRETT, Dr. Thomas, Story of Richard Plantagenet, 1. 174.

BROOKE, Henry, Notice of, iii. 18; the Lion and the
Spaniel, iii. 18.

BROUGHAM, Lord, Sir William Grant, ii. 302.
BROWNE, Sir Thomas, Notice of, iii. 80; Urn-Burial,

iii. 81.

BROWNING,, Notice of, iv. 274; the Pied Piper of Hamelin, iv. 274.

Bryant, W. C., i. 22; ii. 10; ii. 138.

BUFFON, Notice of, i. 67; the First Man, i. 67. BURKE, Edmund, Notice of, ii. 207; the Royal Household in 1780, ii. 208.

BURLEIGH. Lord, Notice of, iv. 38; Advice to his Son iv. 38,

BURNET, Gilbert, Notice of, iv. 205; Character of Charles II., iv., 205.

BURNET, Thomas, Notice of, ii. 286; the Coming of our Saviour, ii. 286.

BURNS, Robert, Notice of, ii. 153; the Cotter's Saturday Night, ii. 153.

Burns, i. 22: i. 194; ii. 141; iii. 35; iv. 1; iv. 4. BURTON, Robert, Notice of, iii. 226; Remedies of Discontent, iii, 226.

BUTLER, Bishop. Notice of, i. 309; Sermon upon the Government of the Tongue, i. 309; Sermon upon the Love of our Neighbour, iii. 42: of a State of Probation, as implying Trial, Difficulties, and Danger, iii. 165.

BUTLER, Samuel, Notice of, iv. 16; the Astrologer, iv. 16.

BYRON, Lord, Manfred, iv, 162; Ar: and Nature, iv 173; Newstead Abbey, iv. 226.

Byron, ii. 284.

CAMPBELL, Dr. George, Notice of, i. 149; The Koran, i. 149.

CAMPBELL, Thomas, Notice of, iv. 25; Thomas Chatterton, iv. 25.

Campbell, Thomas, i. 199; Ye Mariners of England, iii 147.

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D'ARARLI Isaac, Voice of, iii. 234; the Introduction
of Tea and Coffee, 11, 234.

Crist Rei, R.e art, Notice of, iv, 143; the Influence Dindin, Poor Jack, in. 273.
of the Parent & Character, 19. 143.
CERVANTRA, Notice of, 19, 62; Sancho Panza in his

GRALMYRA, Thomas Notes of, ill. 11: The Law of!
Pro, n. ll; on the i, hert Pleasure of the Virtu-
, and Mary of the Vicious Affections, in 108.
CHANTING, William Elery, Notice of, 1.90; the Pre-
Ben Age, 80.

Chapman George, ui, 184.

CHARACTER, 1. 274.

Chandra 11., his Escape after the Battle of Worcester,
M. 294.

Chatterton Thomas, 111. 32.

Chaucer, Geoff ey, 1. 194.

DOODRIDGR, Philip, Notice of, ii. 211; on the New Tes
rament, i.211.

Downe, John, Notice of, iii, 92; Holy Sonnets, iii. 92.
Donne, i. 127.

Drayton, 1. 195; i. 249; iv 180.

Drummond, i. 247; ii. 285; iv. 179.

DRYDEN, John, Notice of, ii. 135; the Character of
Polybius, the Historian, ii. 135; the Good Parson, iii.


EDGRWORTH, Maria, Notice of, iv. 90; the Landlord
and the Agent, iv. 90.

CHENERIX, Richard, the Industry of the British Nation, Edwards, i. 108.
. 73.

Christmas, iv, 241.

CLARENDON, Earl of, Notice of, i. 228; the Fall of the
Marquis of Montrose, 1.228; Death of Lord Falkland,
h. 5 on Peace, ii. 30.


COREETT, William, Notice of, iv. 299; Rural Rides, iv.

Coleerdug, Samuel Taylor, Notice of, I. 27; Dejection,
an ode, 1.28; Sir Alexander Bail, i. 85; Remorse, i.
182; the It me of the Antient Mariner, iii. 57; the
Christmas Tree, 15, 220,
Coleridge, (short extracts), Canning and the Ambassador,
1. 22: John Kemble, 1, 34; Och Clo, i. 35; Conscience,
1.146; Treason, 1, 147 247; School Discipline il.
111; Keats, il 111. hi. 35. n. 127, m. 185, iv. 241.
Coleridge, Hartley, Parver the Quaker, and his Transla-

tion of the Bible, ii, 238, i). 268.

Coleridge, Henry, Description of Coleridge, ii. 237.
Collina, Ode to Evening 11. 2012.

Cotros, Rev. C. C., Notice of, 1. 293; Happiness, i.


Colton, Rey, C. C., Perfection. 1. 33; Opinions, i. 35;
Observation. 1. 149; the selfishness of Vice, ii. 109.
COMBE, Andrew, Notice of, ii. 65; Mental Stimulus
necessary to Exercise, 11. 66.

COMINES, Philip de, Notice of, II, 222; the Character of
Louis XI. 11. 222.

Coopen, James Fenimore Notice of, lil, 133; the Ariel
among the Shoals, ii. 133.

CORNWALL, Barry, Notice of, iv. 110; Songs, iv. 110.
COURIER, Paul Louis, Notice of, i. 19; a Tale of Terror,
1 19.

COWLEY, A., Notice of, ill. 28; the Vision of Oliver
Cromwell, ill. 28; Of Myself, iv. 111.

Cowley, il. 55.

COWPER, W., Notice of, iii. 2; on the Receipt of his
Mother's Picture, iii. 8; Tame Hares, ill. 66; Winter
Walk at Noon, iv. 155.

Cowper, W., Fashion, 11. 269; Genius, ii. 269.
CULLUM, Sir John, Notice of, it. 38; an Elizabethan

Country House, ii, 38.

CUNNINGHAM, Allan, Notice of, iii, 247 ; Robin Hood,
iii. 247; Chevy Chase, iii. 129; Songs, iv, 108,
CHARNE, George. Notice of, i 57; the Ancient Mansion,
1. 57; the Betrothed, iv. 56.

Crabbe, Rev George, jun., Crabbe and Burke, ii. 76.
Croker, J. W., Goldsmith, 1.31.

DAMPIER, W.. Notice of, ii. 58; the Moskito Indian of
Juan Fernandez, 1, 58.
Daniel, Sonnet iv. 179.

DANTE. Notice of iv. 193; the Divina Commedia of
Dante, 1., iv. 193; II., iv. 196; III., iv. 201.
D'AUBIGNE, J. H. M., Movement of the Reformation,
iii. 279.
DAVIES, Sir John, Notice of, iv. 116; False and True
Kowledge iv. 116.

Sir Humphrey, Notice of, i. 79; Omens, i. 78;
Chemical Philosopher, i. 114.

Rev. Charles, the Great Earthquake at Lisbon.

y, Richard, Notice of, i. 307; Books, i. 308.


ELLIOTT, Ebenezer, Notice of, iv. 80; Love, iv. 80.
ERAKING, Thomas, Notice of, iv. 71; Good Works, 17.
EVELYN, John, Notice of, i. 121; Account of the Great
Fire of London, i. 121.
EVENING, ii. 283.

EVERETT, Edward, Notice of, ii. 160; Industry essen-
tially Social, ii. 160.

FANSHAWE, Lady, Notice of, ii. 85: Character of Sir R.
Fanshawe, fi. 85.
FELTHAM, Owen, Notice of, ii. 129; of Improving Good
Examples, ii. 129

FERGUSON, Samuel. Notice of, iv. 282; the Forging of
the Anchor, iv. 282

FIRIDING, Henry. Notice of, iii. 36; Character of Jona-
than Wild, iii. 36.

Fielding, the Rabble and the People, ii. 270

FITZ STEPHEN, William, Notice of, iv. 217; Ancient
London, iv. 217.

FLETCHER, i. 56; ii. 285.
FLOWERS. i 193.

FORSTER, John, Notice of, iv. 158; the Vicar of Wake-
field, iv. 158.

FORSYTH, James, Notice of, iii. 306; Society at Naples,
iii. 306.

FOSTER, John, Notice of, i. 111; Decision of Character,
i. 111.

FRANKLIN, Dr., Notice of, i. 252; Poor Richard, i. 252;
the Savages of North America, ii. 193.
FRCISSART, John, Notice of, i. 4; the Death of the Son
of Gaston de Foix, i. 5.

FULLER, Thomas, Notice of, i. 189; the Faithful Minis-
ter, i. 189.

Fuller, Thomas, Decayed Gentry, i. 31; Burning of
Wickliffe's Body by order of the Council of Constance,
i. 34. Tenderness of Conscience, i. 145; Real Cou-
rage, i. 211.

[blocks in formation]

Gay, John, Black-Eyed Susan, iii. 272.
GIBBON, Edward, Notice of, iii. 1; Rienzi, iii. 1.
GIFFORD, William, Notice of, i. 169; Account of his
Early Days, i. 169.

GILPIN, William. Notice of, ii. 256; Swineherds of the
New Forest, 11, 256.

GODWIN, William, Notice of, ili. 156; London in the
Time of Chaucer, ii. 156.
GOETHE, Notice of, ii. 225; Faustus, ii. 225; the Poet's
Year, i. 261.

GOLDSMITH, Oliver, Notice of, ii. 78; the History of a
Philosophic Vagabond, ii 79; on the Sagacity of the
Spider, iii, 139; the Haunch of Venison, iv 181.
GREEN, J. H., Notice of, i. 200; Instinct, i. 200.
Greene, iv. 2.

GUIZOT, F., Notice of, i. 258; Civilization, i, 258
GURNALL, William, Notice of, iii, 190; Earthly Things.
iii. 190.

HALL, Joseph, Bishop of Norwich, Notice of,i. 2; a
Good Man's Day, i. 23; to all Readers, i. 263.

[blocks in formation]

HALL, Rev. Robert, Impediments to the Progress of
Truth, ii. 268. Reflections on War, iii. 310.
HALL, Edward, Notice of, iv. 229; Death of Lord Hast-
ings, iv. 230.

HALL, Basil, Notice of, i. 76; Struggling with Adver-
sity, i. 76.

HALLAM, Henry, Notice of, i. 160; Criticism on Don
Quixote, i. 160. Field Sports, Agriculture, and Trade
of the Middle Ages, iv. 13.

HARE, Julius, Notice of, iii. 101; Mirth, iii. 101; the
Children of Light, iii. 213.

HARRINGTON, Sir John, Notice of, ii. 83; Court of James
the First, ii. 84.
HARVEST, iii. 85.

HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel, Notice of, iii. 53; a Rill from
the Town Pump, iii. 53.

HAZLITT, William, Notice of, ii. 145; Literature of the
Age of Elizabeth, ii. 145.

HEAD, Sir Francis B., Notice of, iv. 221; the Canadian
Indians, iv. 221.

HEBER, Bishop Reginald, Notice of, ii. 93; the Passage
of the Red Sea, ii. 93.

HERBERT, George, Notice of i. 47; Sunday, i. 48.
Herbert, i. 196.

Herrick, i. 21; i. 195; iii. 85; iii. 86; iv. 241; iv. 242;
iv. 268; iv. 269; iv. 269.

HERSCHEL, Sir John, Notice of, i. 1; Influence of
Science on the Well-being of Society, i. 1.
Hoop, Thomas, Notice of, i. 114; Dream of Eugene
Aram, i. 114.

HOOKER, Herman, Notice of, iii. 118; the Victories of
Love, iii. 118.

HOOKER, Richard, Notice of, i. 69; Nature's Law, i.


HUMBOLDT, Alexander Von, iv. 121; Generalizations of
Science, iv. 121.

HUME, David, Notice of, i. 60; Of the Jealousy of
Trade, i. 60.

Hunt, Leigh, ii. 253; iv. 289.

HUTCHINSON, Mrs., Character of Colonel Hutchinson,

IRVING, Washington, Notice of, ii. 89; Columbus, i.
235; Rural Life in England, ii. 89; Columbus at Bar-
celona, ii. 131.

James I. of Scotland, i. 107.

JEFFREY, Francis, Notice of, i. 163; Character of
James Watt, i. 163; Progress of English Literature, iii.
121; the War in La Vendée, iv. 257.
JERROLD, Douglas, Notice of, iv. 183; a Gossip at Re-
culvers, iv. 184.

JESSE, Edward. Notice of, ii. 258; Gardens, ii. 258.
JOHNSON, Dr. Samuel, Notice of, ii. 220; the Poet de-
scribed. ii. 221; Value of Time, iv. 19; the Vanity of
Human Wishes, iv. 123.

Johnson, Dr. Waller, i. 33; the Vicar of Wakefield, i.
148; Youth, i. 212.

JON ES, Rev. Richard, Notice of, iii. 275; Cottier Rents,

JONSON, Ben, Notice of, i. 223; Scenes from the Alche-
mist, i. 223; the Difference of Wits, iv. 141.
Jonson, Ben, Memory, i. 147; Character of Lord Bacon,
ii. 111; iii. 184.

KEATS, John, Notice of, iii. 175; to his Brother, iii.

Keats, ii. 9; ii. 253; iii. 185; iii. 185; iv. 269.
KNIGHT. Charles, the Chapel, iv. 303.
KITTO, Dr. John, Notice of, ii. 307; Deafness, ii. 307;

Jerusalem, iii. 141.

Knowles, Sheridan, Notice of, iv. 169; the Hunchback,

iv. 169.

LABAUME, Eugene, Notice of, iii. 38; Passage of the
Beresina, iii. 38.

LAMB, Charles. Notice of, i. 62; a Complaint of the
Decay of Beggars in the Metropolis, i. 62; Hogarth, i.
184; a Farewell to Tobacco, iii. 308.

LANDOR, Walter Savage, Notice of, i. 25; Roger Ascham
and Lady Jane Grey, i. 26. Count Julian, 1. 180.
Lane, E., the Desolation of Tyranny, i. 33; Precocious
Intelligence, i. 211.

LATIMER, Hugh, Notice of, i. 237; the Sermon of the
Plough. i. 237.

LAUDER, Sir Thomas Dick, Great Floods in the Pro-
vince of Moray, iv. 306.

I EIGHTON, Archbishop, Notice of, iii. 285; of the Im-
mortality of the Soul, iii. 285; of the Happiness of the
Life to Come, iv. 94.

L'Estrange, Translation, i. 146; i. 147; Begging a Fool,
i. 148; Wicked Wit, ii. 110; King James, i. 110.
Leyden, John, iii. 186.

LOCKE, John, Notice of, iii. 21; the Christian Revela-
tion the sure Standard of Morality, iii. 21.
LOCKER, E. H., Notice of, i. 294; the Old English Ad-
miral, i. 294.

Logan, i. 246.

LONG, George, Notice of, iii. 208; Character of Brutus,
iii. 208.
LONGFELLOW, Henry W., Notice of, ii. 131; Rural
Life in Sweden, ii. 131.
Longfellow, i. 108; i. 197.

LUCAS, Richard, Notice of, ii. 45; Fortune, ii. 46.
LYELL, Sir Charles, Notice of, ii, 112; the Great
Dismal Swamp of America, ii. 112.

LYTTON, Sir E. Bulwer, Notice of, iv. 131; the Candid
Man, iv. 131. Richelieu, iv. 171.

MACAULAY, Thomas Babington, Notice of, i. 151; Dr.
Johnson and his Times, i. 151; Bunyan, i. 233.
MACHIAVELLI, Nicolo, Notice of, ii. 149; Statesman-
ship, i. 149.

MACKENZIE, Sir George, Notice of, iii. 97; Luxury,
iii. 97.
MACKENZIE, Henry, Notice of, iv. 66; Louisa Venoni,
MARCELLINUS, Ammianus, Notice of, ii. 271; Luxury
of the Roman Nobles, ii. 271.

iv. 66.

MARTINEAU, Harriet, Notice of. iii. 87; Moving On-
MASSINGER, Philip, Notice of, i. 9; Scenes froin the
ward, ini. 87; the Nile and the Desert, ifi. 302.
MAY, i. 105.
City Madam, i. 9.

MILLER, Hugh, Notice of, iv, 270; the Young Geolo
gist, iv. 270

MILMAN, Rev. Henry, Notice of, i. 166; Saint Paul at
Athens, i. 166; Fazio, iv. 164.

Milnes, M., ii. 9. Character of Keats, iii. 178.
MILTON, John, Notice of, iii. 25; the Liberty of Un-
licensed Printing, iii. 25; of his own Studies, iii. 265.
Hymn of the Nativity, iv. 261.

Milton, i. 193; i. 247; ii. 56; ii. 139; iii. 186; iii. 222;
iv. 180.

MODERN DRAMATIC POETS, I. i. 178; Joanna Baillie,
De Montford, i. 178; Landor, Count Julian, i. 180;
Coleridge, Remorse, i. 182.

Mantred, iv. 162; Milman, Fazio, iv. 164.

MODERN DRAMATIC POETS, III., iv. 169; Sheridan
Knowles, the Hunchback, iv. 169; Bulwer Lytton,
Richelieu, iv. 171.

MODERN DRAMATIC POETS, IV., iv. 207; Talfourd,
Ion, iv. 207; Henry Taylor, Philip Van Artevelde,

iv. 210.

MODERN DRAMATIC POETS, V., iv. 289; Leigh Hunt, a
Legend of Florence, iv. 289; Rev. James White, the
Earl of Gowrie, iv. 292.

MONTAIGNE, Notice of, i. 186; of the Inconvenience of
Greatness, 1. 186.
MOON, the, iii. 184.

MORE, Sir Thomas, Notice of, ii. 289; Labour in Uto-
pia, ii. 289.
MORNING, ii. 54.

MUDIE, Robert, Notice of, iii, 49; the Bittern, iii. 49.

[blocks in formation]

PALEY, Rev. William, Notice of, iv. 21; of the Good-
ness of the Deity, iv. 21.
PASCAL, Blaise, Notice of, i. 117; the Strange Contra-
rieties discoverable in Human Nature, i. 117.
Rule Britannia, iii. 145; Britain's Best Bulwarks, iii.
146; Britons, Strike Home, iii. 147; Ye Mariners of
England, iii. 147.

PAULDING, James Kirk, Notice of, iii. 254; the Quarrel
of Squire Bull and his Son, iii. 254.
Peacham, a Lesson for Pretenders, i. 145.
PENN, William, Notice of, iii. 63; Advice to his Family,
iii. 64.

PEPYS, Samuel, Notice of, i. 289; the Progress of the
Great Plague of London, i. 289.

PERLIN, Stephen, Notice of, ii. 97; England in the Six-
teenth Century, ii. 97.

PETRARCH, Francesco, Notice of, iii. 163; Good and
Bad Fortune, iii, 163.

PLATO, the Death of Socrates, iii. 244.

PLINY, the Younger, Notice of, ii. 203; Death of Pliny
the Elder, ii. 203.

PLUTARCH, Notice of, L. 203; Death of Cæsar, i. 203;
Caius Marcus, ii. 230.

POPE, Alexander, Notice of, i. 156; Imitation of Horace,
i. 156; Education, iv. 187.
Pore, iii. 184.

PRAED Winthrop Mackworth, Notice of, i. 124. The
Red Fisherman, i. 124; Enigmas, iv. 213.

PRESCOTT, William H., Notice of, ii. 241; the Last of
the Incas, ii. 241.

[blocks in formation]

Sackville, iv. 3.

SANDERSON, Bishop, Notice of, iv. 43; Special Means
of Contentment, iv. 43.

SCHEFER, Leopold, iv. 76; the Married Life of Albert
Durer, iv. 76.

SCOTT, Sir W., Notice of, iii. 217; the Scottish Bor-
derers, iii. 217.

Scott, ii. 8; ii. 138.


STOWELL, Lord, Notice of, iv. 152; Domestic Jars, iv.


ST. PIERRE, Notice of, iii. 77; the Strawberry Plant,
iii. 77.

SUMMER, I., ii. 138. II. ii. 249.

SUMNER, Archbishop John Bird, Notice of, ii. 239;
Christian Charity, ii. 239.
Surrey, ii. 54; ii. 251.

SWIFT, Jonathan; Notice of, i. 58; the Spider and the
Bee, i. 58; the Academy of Lagado, ii. 299; Gulliver
and the King of Brobdingnag, iii. 159; on the Wis-
dom of this World, iv. 284.

SWIFT and POFE, Imitation of Horace, iv. 149.

TACITUS, Notice of, iv. 10; the Death of Agrippina,
the Mother of Nero, iv. 10.

Talfourd, Mr. Justice, Notice of, iv. 207; Ion, iv.


TANNAHILL, Robert, Notice of, iv. 88; Scottish
TASSO, Torquato, Notice of, iii. 115; Rinaldo and
Songs, iv. 89.
TAYLOR, Henry, Notice of, iv. 145; Of Wisdom, iv.
Armida, iii. 115.
TAYLOR, Jeremy, Bishop, Notice of, i. 91; the Mea-
145; Philip Van Artevelde, iv. 210.
sures and Offices of Friendship, i. 92; Prayer, ii. 221
God's Mercy, ii. 311.

TEMPLE, Sir W., Notice of, ii. 281; Health and Long
Life, ii. 281.

Temple, Sir W., Quackery in the Seventeenth Century,
ii. 268.
TENNYSON, Alfred, Notice of, iii. 204; the May Queen,

iii. 204.

Tennyson, iii. 35; iv 268.

THACKERAY, W. M., Notice of, iv. 294; the Best Eng-
lish People, iv. 295.

THOMSON, James, Notice of, iv. 310; Hymn on the
Seasons, iv. 310.

TOPHAM, M., Notice of, ii. 176; John Elwes, the
Thomson, ii. 252, iii 85.; Rule Britannia, iii. 145,
Miser, ii. 176.
TREES, ii. 8.

John, Notice of, iv. 215; the Ways of God, iv. TUCKER, Professor, Notice of, iii. 180; the Mississippi

SCROPE, W., Habits of the Red Deer, iii. 268.

SEA-SONGS, iii. 271; Black-eyed Susan, iii. 272; the
Storm, iii. 273; Poor Jack, iii. 273.

Seward. Candour, i. 148; a Distinction, ii. 110.
SHAKSPERE, Absence, iv. 135.

Shakspere, i. 108; i. 194; ii. 55; ii 285; iii. 34; iii.
127; ii. 186; iii. 222; iii. 223; iv. 242.
SHELLEY, the Clouds, iv. 37.

Shelley, i. 21; i. 198; i. 250. ii. 252; ii. 268. iii, 34;
iii. 126. iv. 4.

SHENSTONE, William, Notice of, ii. 292; the School-
Mistress, ii. 292.

SHERIDAN, Richard Brinsley, Notice of, ii. 253; Scene
from the Critic, ii. 254.

SHERLOCK. Dr. Thomas, Notice of, iv. 166; the Immor-
tality of the Soul, iv. 166.

SIDNEY, Algernon, Notice of, iv. 103; of the Public
Good, iv. 103.

SIDNEY, Sir Philip, Notice of, iv. 137; the Defence of
Poesy, iv. 138.

Sidney, Sir P., ini. 184.

SMITH, Horace, Notice of, iii. 283; Address to the
Mummy in Belzoni's Exhibition, iii. 283.
SMITH, Rev. Sydney, Notice of, iv. 281; Wit and
Humour, iv. 281.

SMOLLETT, Tobias, Notice of, i. 241; Authors of Eighty
Years Ago, i. 241; Adventures in a Forest, i. 267.
SONGS, Allan Cunningham, Thou hast sworn by thy
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[blocks in formation]

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