Mechanics' Magazine, Volume 69

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Knight & Lacey, 1858 - Technology

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Page 198 - May the Atlantic Telegraph, under the blessing of Heaven, prove to be a bond of perpetual peace and friendship between the kindred nations, and an instrument destined by Divine Providence to diffuse religion, civilization, liberty, and law throughout the world.
Page 252 - All letters patent for inventions granted under the provisions hereinbefore contained shall be made subject to the condition that the same shall be void, and that the powers and privileges thereby granted shall cease and determine, at the expiration of three years and seven years respectively from the date thereof...
Page 78 - An Act to amend the Act of the fifth and sixth years of Her present Majesty, to consolidate and amend the laws relating to the copyright of designs for ornamenting articles of manufacture.
Page 198 - The President cordially reciprocates the congratulations of Her Majesty the Queen on the success of the great international enterprise accomplished by the science, skill and indomitable energy of the two countries. It is a triumph more glorious because far more useful to mankind than was ever won by conqueror on the field of battle. May the Atlantic telegraph, under the blessing of heaven, prove to be a bond of perpetual peace and friendship between...
Page 33 - notes and observations" of a magistrate of the county of Middlesex, upon the minutes of evidence taken before a select committee appointed by the House of Commons, to inquire into the state of the police of the metropolis.
Page 205 - the Association for the Prevention of Steam Boiler Explosions, and for Effecting Economy in the Raising and Use of Steam...
Page 198 - The Queen desires to congratulate the President upon the successful completion of this great international work, in which the Queen has taken the deepest interest. The Queen is convinced that the President will join with her in fervently hoping that the Electric Cable which now connects Great Britain with the United States will prove an additional link between the nations whose friendship is founded upon their common interest and reciprocal esteem.
Page 3 - ... magnets of a force unimaginable in former times. In 1831, the induction of electrical currents one by another, and the evolution of electricity from magnets was observed, — at first in results so small and feeble, that it required one much instructed in the pursuit, to perceive and lay hold of them ; but these feeble results, taken into the minds of men already partially educated and ever proceeding onwards in their self-education, have been so developed, as to supply sources of electricity...
Page 3 - Numerous and important as the points are which have been already recognised, others are continually coming into sight as the great development proceeds, and with a rapidity such as to make us believe that, much as there is known to us, the unknown far exceeds it, and that, extensive as is the teaching of method, facts, and law, which can be established at present, an education looking for far greater results should be favored and preserved.
Page 5 - It teaches to deduce principles carefully, to hold them firmly, or to suspend the judgment: - to discover and obey law, and by it to be bold in applying to the greatest what we know of the smallest. It teaches us first by tutors and books to learn that which is already known to others, and then by the light and methods which belong to science to learn for ourselves and for others ; - so making a fruitful return to man in the future for that which we have obtained from the men of the past.

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