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-A Vassar Senior was lately caught smoking a cigar, and gave as her reason for the act that it made it smell as if there was a man around."-Ex.

-Another valuable curiosity has just been added to the fine collection in the cabinet of the Rochester University, in the shape of a gigantic turtle which was captured at Cape Cod. This turtle weighs three hundred pounds, is six feet in length and a yard in width, and the species to which it belongs enjoys the same distinction among sea monsters that the tiger does among the wild animals of the forest. It lives in mid-ocean, and comes to land only once a year for the purpose of laying eggs. This turtle has a head in proportion to the enormous size of its body, and its mouth is fitted with a formidable array of teeth, which seem almost innumerable. Its nature is highly carniverous, it will be seen at a glance, and for the purpose of pursuing and capturing its prey the monster is provided with a pair of fins two feet in length. Rochester is fortunate in the possession of this turtle, (which is the only one of the kind on the continent), and should feel indebted to the enterprise of Prof. Ward for securing to the university this novel specimen of amphibious kingdom.-College Courant.

-The library of Cornell numbers 35,000 volumes.--Index Niagarensis.



-The "Great Western Library Bureau" still survives. During the past month it made a liberal distribution of circulars among the students, but it is possible that it may not be repaid for labor, printing and postage. The encouraging information is volunteered that "the patronage we received last year was so extensive that we had a great difficulty in meeting all demands. This year we have increased our literary corps by carefully selected writers, and are ready to supply literary work of every description, grade and style. We think gentlemen of literary experience and ability" could engage in a more profitable as well as a more honorable business. Our country is not onerstocked with men of cultured minds, and those who are cultured find no difficulty in securing appreciation and their due reward in legitimate literary pursuits. Gentlemen of experience and ability, who are able to furnish at short notice firstclass original essays, lectures, orations, sermons, poems, reviews, critiques, &c., &c., are not compelled anonymously to huckster their brilliant original effusions to silly undergraduates who may possibly have more money than brains or honesty.-College Herald.

GENERAL LAFAYETTE'S WATCH.-It is doubtless within the recollection of many in this city that in the year 1824, Ceneral La-fayette made a tour of this country, attended by such an ovation as offered perhaps the grandest spectacle of a nation's tribute to a hero the world has ever seen. During his tour, while on a visit to some town in the State of Tennessee, the General was mysteriously robbed of his watch, a valued souvenir, which had been presented to him in 1781 by General Washington to commemorate at once the affectionate relations which had long existed between them, and his gallant services at the siege of Yorktown, the crowning event in the struggle for American independence. Directly upon the robbery becoming known most strenuous efforts were made for its recovery, but, despite the fact that the Governor of Tennessee offered a reward of one thousand dollars for its return, not the slightest trace of it was thereafter obtained, and General Lafayette was eventually compelled to return to France, resigned to the thought that the precious gift of his dear friend was lost to him forever.

The years passed on, and with their lapse men's recollection of the circumstance faded away. Lafayette died in 1834, and for a space of forty-eight years the stolen watch bore an unknown history. At the end of that time, but a few days ago, a gentleman residing in this city, while visiting Louisville, attended an auction sale at a junk shop, where, strange to relate, he found among the articles offered, a watch which, upon examination, he discovered to be the long lost watch of Lafayette.

Suffice it is to say that he eagerly purchased it, and as quickly formed the resolution to transmit it to the family of General Lafayette, now residing in Paris; pending which transmission, however, the gentleman has brought it to his home, and has consented to its exhibition for a few days at E. A. Tyler's jewelry store, on Canal


The watch is open faced, of gold, with a double case, and may be remarked as of a peculiar appearance, being of only ordinary size, but nearly as thick as it is wide. The outer case bears upon its entire surface carved figures, in bas relief, representing the picture of Mars offering a crown to the Goddess of Peace, who is surrounded by her emblems, while over all appear the stern implements of war, hung high out of reach. On the inner case appears

the yet clearly legible inscription :

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On the covering of the works is seen the maker's name-E. Halifax, London, 1759.

One can believe that the sight of this relic, with its host of historical recollections clustering about it, is well fitted to awaken a host of reflections, and carry one's imagination over the bridge of nearly a century, to the time when the two dead and gone hero friends stood side by side, carving out their glorious names and fame which to-day shine through the long vista of years with a lustre that can never fade.-New Orleans Times, Oct. 31.

-A western editor, in acknowledging the gift of a peck of onions from a subscriber, says, "It is such kindness as these that bring tears to our eyes.

-An Englishman, being asked how he spelled saloon, replied, "With a hess, a hay, a hell two hoes and a hen."-College Journal. -Professor of Zoology-How many, and what are the divisions of the vertebrates?

Junior answers-Five, viz: Caucasian, Mongolian, Ethiopian, American and Malayans.

Professor looks diskumbobolated.-University Reporter.

-A Freshman at Princeton wanted to know what class Frondewas in.

-Professor-Did Ben Johnson survive Shakespeare?
Junior-Yes, sir, in some respects.-Nassau Lit.

-One of the Juniors says that Chaucer didn't know how to spell. Scholastic.

-"Bedad, thin," says Patrick, "the first bird I saw was a porcupine. I shot at him with my spade, and the first time I hit him. I missed him. The second time I hit him I hit him where I missed. him the first time.-McKendree Repository.

-An old gentleman saw a ladder placed against his daughter's window. He at once raised the cry of fire, and commenced to dash water on the ascending "sparks.

-An Irishman who had blistered his fingers trying to draw on a pair of boots, exclaimed "I believe I shall never get 'em on until I wear 'em a day or two."

-An old lady upon taking her first ride in the cars, remarked, when the train ran off the track, "You fetch up rather sudden, don't ye?"

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-An editor who was going a courting said he was "going to press."-McKendree Repository.

-"Kepatomeaterin."-This was the note sent by a farmer to the school teacher in the potato digging season, to explain his boy's absence from school.-College Argus.

-A little boy accosted his father thus: "Papa, are you growing still ?" "No, dear, what makes you think so?" "Because the top of your head is coming through your hair."

-The story of a lazy school-boy who spelled Andrew Jackson & dru Jaxn has been overshadowed by a genius out west who wished to mark half a dozen new shirts. He marked the first John Jones and the rest ditto.-Ex.

-If 16 drams make a penny-weight, how many will make a creditor wait?

-Keep sober and then you can talk straight. A druggist was quite surprised the other day to hear a fellow inquire if he had any of" Mrs. Soothslow's Winslong Slyr'p."-College Journal.

-A Buffalo paper announces that by the recent burning of an ice house there, 20,000 tons of ice were reduced to ashes.

-A fellow student says that the hardest work he has to do is framing excuses. Seniors exempt this term.

-A Fresh. recently gave his idea of a liberal translation of "Galla est mea"-"She's my gal."—Index Niagarensis.

-A member of the Virgil class, while translating, came to the words, " arrectisque auribus adstant." For a moment he hesitated; then, a smile breaking over his countenance, he read, they got up on their ear."-Den. Col.


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