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8. Grand Finale.

Full Company.

Mumbo, jumbo; celebrate.
Old hilarious hallow eve,
Mumbo, jumbo, manus date,

As these jolly scenes we leave.

On the College Campus, to-night, at 11 o'clock.

The Goddess of Liberty, with shining ebony countenance, and Uncle Sam, graced the occasion, and New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the least and the greatest of the States, were present; while South Carolina and Massachusetts clasped hands over the "bloody chasm." We remark on the orchestra that it was ravishing.


-Westward the star of empire takes its way. The east, the west, the north, and south, are slowly waking up to the fact that women have rights. Four colleges in New England, among which University of Vermont and Wesleyan University; Cornell University; Swarthmore College; Oberlin and Antioch; Universities of Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Kansas, have opened their doors to ladies this year. What next?

-The entering class of Cornell University numbers about two hundred members, including a dozen ladies. It is reported a number of students have left on account of the formal admission of ladies. The "Sage" College building, for the ladies, will be finished within a year, at a cost of $150,000. The library contains 36,000 volumes. The Jared Sparks collection was recently added to make this number.-Ex.

-Two of Darwin's sons have been on a visit to Yosemite. It is said that the monkeys were half tickled to death to see them, and asked kindly after their father.-Collegian.

-The class of '74 at Madison University, New York, have passed a series of resolutions, the substance of which is, they will graduate in alphabetical order, without class honors.-Ex.

-Additions to '76 in several of our large colleges are as follows: Brown, 63; Yale, 131; Amherst, 86; Princeton, 110; Dartmouth, 74; Harvard, 200; Layfayette, 115; Wesleyan, 54; Bowdoin, 56; Williams, 49.

-We've dug up one man in '73 that hasn't stuffed himself with news, lately. At his club he asked: "By the way, did those fellows that were practicing rowing here last summer, ever go to

Springfield?" On being asked where he spent his vacation, he reWe have since plied, "In New Jersey." That explains all. heard that they have just commenced to sell pools for the races down there.-Argus.

We always thought New Jersey ahead.

-It is understood that the president of Denison College will, upon application, furnish any lady the standing of any student who nay happen to be waiting on her. Chance for high-stand men.-Ex. Look out for ladies with serious intent.

-Prof. Cutler has been inaugurated president of the Western Reserve College.-Ex.

-Acadia College is to be endowed to the amount of $100,000. -Senator Sprague offers Brown University one hundred thousand dollars worth of land for a new building site.-Ex.

-Franklin College, Ind., revived, September 12, with fair hopes, insured by a competent faculty. Prof. W. T. Stott is its new Pres't. -An exchange says that the buildings of Brown University are to be sold and new ones erected in another part of the city.

-Oxford celebrates its one thousandth anniversary this year. Its income is $1,000,000 per annum.—Ex.

-Prof. Daniel C. Gilman has accepted the presidency of California State University. Salary $10,000 per annum.—Ex.

-Washington and Lee College is to have the largest telescope in the world, the munificence of Leander J. McCormick, Chicago. -Dr. Merrick has resigned the presidency of the Ohio Wesleyan University, to take effect one year from date.-Ex.

-Dr. Gulliver has resigned the presidency of Knox College, and the institution is in a bad financial condition.-Ex.

-A fine feature of the University of Strasbourg is a new library of 175,000 volumes. A chair on American political and legal science adds to the attractions there.

-The Sophomores at Elmira Female College have forbidden the Freshman to wear false hair.-Ex.

Lo! the poor Freshman..


-We are to have news from Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa. semi-monthly speaks from there this year. Glad to see our friends over the way "lighting their lamps."

-The trustees of Cornell University have resolved to receive, without payment of fees, twenty young men, the same to be nominated by the State Agricultural Society.-Ex.

-It is said that of fifteen presidents of the United States nine completed a college course.-Ex.

-The total number of graduates from American colleges is about thirty-six thousand.—Ex.

-Miss Anna Hews, the young lady who reently graduated at Michigan University, at the head of a class of eighty-six students, proposes to practice medicine in New York City.-Éx.

Young men! Young men go west!

-A good college paper is worth more for the moral and gentlemanly tone of college life than a library of by-laws and an army of faculty spies.-M. Y. Independent.

"The mathematical works of Prof. Loomis have been translated into chinese." Poor Yang!

-Thirteen young colored lawyers recently graduated at Howard University Law School.-Ex.

-The trustees of Williams have advised the faculty to discontinue preaching in the chapel, whereat the Vidette takes alarm.-Ex. Public opinion, no doubt, would sustain them, unless they dispensed comfort" in other than mere words.


--The celebrated astronomer, Dr. Weiss, has been sent to the United States by the Minister of Education to visit and report upon the observatories and other great astronomical establishments in that country, with reference to the proposed establishment of an observatory at Vienna.-The Graphic, London.

The doors of Lafayette are open.

-Mississippi College had one hundred and fifty-nine students in attendance last year. Of these forty-eight had the ministry in view.

-The library of Rochester Theological Seminary has recently received $25,000 from John M. Bruce, Esq., which makes about $125,000 added to the productive funds of the seminary within the last six months.-Ex.

-The Alpha Delta Phi fraternity have abolished their chapter at Yale.-Ex.

-Cornell University has had a course of lectures this autumn by James Anthony Froude, the English historian.-Ex.


-Never too late to learn. "Caleb Cushing, Esq., now in his 73d year, is said to have devoted three hours each day, while in Paris, a short time since, to the study of French, although he has spoken and written the language fluently ever since a young man. 'A greater felicity of expression' was what, he says, he wished to acquire. Mr. Cushing delivered his argument, as one of the council of the U. S., before the Geneva Tribunal, in French." Some of the young men we know should blush at the comparison.

-The Englishman who called the Hoosac tunnel a blasted hole was literally correct.-College Mercury.

-Facetious Soph.-"I say, chum, that little girl digging for greens out there has just found a Freshman."-Advocate.

-Dr. Silliman used to give out rather long hymns. One morning, after having read eight verses in his peculiar way, without stops, he ended with, "And sing to all eternity,' omitting the last two stanzas."-Record.

-They award prizes for the "most lady-like conduct" at the Evanston, Ill., Female Seminary.—Ex.

-A lady entered a drug store and asked for a bottle of "Jane's Experience." The clerk informed her that Jane hadn't bottled her experience yet, but they could furnish "Jayne's Expectorant.” -Mercury.

-Gamma Nu debated, last Saturday evening, the question, "Which affords the greater field for eloquence, the Pulpit or the Bar?" After considerable had been said on both sides, a Freshman got up and said that he didn't see what connection eloquence had with a place where they sold liquor."-Record.

-A lovely female graduate from one of our Massachusetts seminaries recently told one of the board of examiners that " Æsop was the author of Latin Fables, covered with hair, and sold his birthright for a mess of potash."—Ex.

-A long discussion between a young lady and gentleman of the town of S-, as to which had the larger mouth, was brought to a close by the gentleman saying, "Let's measure." He knows how differ

ences should be settled.-Annalist.

One of our Seniors says he hopes to solve the same problem. -The Seniors at West Point have squandered $125 apiece on a set of class sleeve-buttons and studs.-Ex.

-A Senior was recently captured in the act of going through peculiar gymnastic evolutions with a chair. On being questioned he confessed that he was trying to find out how it would seem to be carrying a young lady in his arms across a brook.-Ex.

-One hundred and fifty years ago (says Rev. W. T. Clarke) a Massachusetts school committee refused to permit girls to study arithmetic and grammar; and a little later a teacher in Plymouth county was discharged for instructing girls to cipher, on the ground that their heads were too weak to stand the strain of mathematics! Can we wonder that woman has been such a cipher, when men were such vulgar fractions !—Argus.

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